Hosting Reseller Account

I found a nice resource with video tutorials to manage reseller accounts. This is an area I’m trying to find time for, but “life” is not cooperating! πŸ˜†

Dayana Host Tutorials

Keep watching the blog – when I’m setup and have fully tested and stress tested the hosting service I’m using, I’ll be offering cheap hosting packages here. This will be geared to folks wanting small packages for landing pages or low traffic aff sites.

More hosting resources:

Webhosting Resource Kit

Web Host Industry Review

Free Link Buying Guide

Patrick Gavin from Text Link Ads Inc. has prepared a nice *free* pdf guide to buying text link ads. It’s not only useful to those interested in buying text links though, it’s a great read on link building, the importance of anchor text and Google PR factors to consider.

Patrick talks about the value of links versus the ‘Content Is King’ theory. What onpage factors you need, but also discusses the value of offpage factors. Volume of links vs. Quality of links, etc. I read it in a few minutes and found the information useful.

Grab your free copy here (pdf file):

Link Buying Guide

Run Multiple IEs On The Same Computer

I’m having one heck of a time with a new affiliate site I’ve been working on. Everything was fine then WHAMMO! something’s wonky with the design. I made a few tweaks – and since everything looked fine, I just carried on. Now I can’t figure out what changes I made and it really displays horribly in the older IE browser. It looks fine in my browsers (IE 6.0 + Firefox + Netscape), but when I’m at work – it’s funk-y! Well the browser at work is an older IE version.

I’ve been hunting around today with the intention of finding an older version of IE to install and use on my computer so I can stress test my new sites before making them live. Here’s some fab stuff I found:

Multiple IEs in Windows – Insert Title Labs

Multiple Versions Of IE –

Insert Title Labs shows you how to download and run various older versions of IE *on the same computer*. Sweet! But Skyzyx takes it one step further – it provides the actually files/fixes so you just have to download the version you’d like and run it from the folder. Even sweeter!

I’ve downloaded the oldies and yup – works just fine for me.

What a great resource!

If you’re going to use the files from Skyzyx – please remember to be kind and download from the mirror sites, help this guy save on bandwidth.

So no more excuses for me, I have the tools I need to check various versions of the IE browser.

Google Now A Domain Registrar

Google is now an ICANN accredited domain registrar:

Google Accredited Domain Registrar # 895

This could be fun, maybe Google will have free domain promotions or cheap deals for adwords advertisers. πŸ˜†

If Google’s prices were the best buy, would you purchase your domains through them? What if Google gave higher weight to domains that were registered through them? How many of us are going to buy domains through Google just to find that out? πŸ˜†

Could this be a step to foiling all the linking networks out there? Or digging out private whois information?

Ah who knows. But I suspect this isn’t a ‘non-event’. Time will tell where Google plans to take things and what they’re going to be doing with this.

Thanks to:

Axandra Search Engine News And BetaNews for the heads up.

Brand New Shopping Directory

Here’s a shopping directory a friend of mine just launched:


It’s shopping related so submit all your aff sites and get them listed!

Directory is brand spanking new, so there’s no Google PR yet – but get in now to be at the top of the results (right now it’s bannerboxes loading – manually submitted sites will be listed above them and will be text links).

And of course – free listings.


Link Spammers & Why They Do It

Check out this interview with a link spammer – it’s an interesting read.

Link Spammer Interview

“It was around December 2003: Google did what was called the ‘Florida update’. It changed the algorithm that measured how high a site should be ranked to spot ‘nepotistic’ links and devalue them. So if you had a link farm of sites with different names which linked heavily to each other, they were pushed down,” explains Sam.

So the link spammers – who prefer to call themselves “search engine optimisers”, but get upset when search engines do optimise themselves – turned to other free outlets which Google already regarded highly, because their content changes so often: blogs. And especially blogs’ comments, where trusting bloggers expected people to put nice agreeable remarks about what they’d written, rather than links to PPC sites. Ah well. Nothing personal.

“Comment spamming to blogs was going on before the Florida update, but it rose after that,” says Sam. “All we need is a website that allows some interaction.” Photo galleries based around PHPGallery – which allows votes and comments – are easy targets too. So many of them allow anyone to leave a comment.


Why not just buy a Google ad, Sam? “You don’t get anything like the same click-through ratio. Jakob Nielsen’s studies and my own show you get six or seven times more click-throughs from ‘organic’ search results. And pay-per-click on search engines costs money! It can be £20 per click! We pay nothing to get an organic result.” But what about the moral question, that you’re using other peoples’ bandwidth and blog space and abusing it by putting your commercial message there? “The question of morals is one for the individual. While it’s legal, it will continue. It could be argued that a website owner is actually inviting content to their site when they allow comments.”

There’s a lot of info to pull from this interview, but a couple of things to note:

To be in the top ten is great, but results 8 – 10 bring a higher conversion rate.

Confirms that Google is all about ‘most links in wins’, that’s why all the comment spam. The spammers are benefitting in the rankings from all the IBLs.

And that comment spam is nothing personal – it’s just business.



So won’t the new ‘nofollow’ links implemented by Google, Yahoo & MSN defeat the link spammer?

“I don’t think it’ll have much effect in the short, medium or long term. The search engines caused the problem” – we didn’t quite follow this bit of logic, but Sam continued – “and they’re doing this to placate the community. It won’t work because most blogs and forms are set up with the best intentions, but when people find hard graft has to go into it they’re left to rot. To use this, they’ll all have to be updated. The majority won’t be. And there’ll just be trackback spamming.”

Thanks to: seroundtable for the heads up on the article.