Adding RSS Feeds To Your Website

Wow if you’ve ever wanted to try adding rss to your site, Carp is the way to go!

Carp – Free Download

I played with it a bit yesterday and couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up. I’ve added it to one content site and will be adding it to another right away.

The instructions are very easy to follow and you’ll need 5 minutes to get this going. You can choose whatever feed you’d like to display, this helps you provide relevant content to your site’s theme.

The purpose of adding rss feeds to your website is to provide your visitors fresh, updated content when visiting your site. You can set it to update every minute or every 24 hrs, very flexible. Since it can slow your site’s load time if you have the feeds updating too quickly, I chose to update every 12 hours.

Now every time Google, Yahoo and all the spiders come to visit my site, they’ll find new content. It will make those spiders want to come back for more! ๐Ÿ˜†

Have fun with this – it’s a big two thumbs up.

Hottest Branding Trends 2005

The Brand Futurist Nick Wreden has listed the
Hottest Branding Trends for 2005 on his blog.

Top 5:

1. Performance-based compensation
2. Enhanced customer connectivity
3. Social branding
4. Universe is the brand
5. Blogs, wikis and RSS

Fast-forward to the future: Keep an eye on podcasting, mososo and immersive communications. These wonรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt have much of an impact in 2005, but could drive branding in 2006 and beyond.

Lots to chew on with this article. Looks like “Performance based compensation” is here for awhile yet! Good news for us superaffs ๐Ÿ˜†

Also found it interesting that customer interaction is found to boost sales and loyalty. Is there a way to attract interaction with our visitors on our aff sites? Yes some are doing that with forums and product review sites, but I do think something more innovative and creative can still be accomplished here. Will have to chew on this for a bit.

Thanks to Threadwatch for the heads up on this article.

New Directory – Free Submission

This is one of my new directories that I’m currently working on:

Still tweaking some things, but feel free to submit your websites. Right now I’m using bannerboxes to provide listings in all the categories, you’ll notice the bannerboxes scripted links.

The manually submitted websites will be posted above the bannerboxes results and will have pure text/html links.

Website Gone Bad

One of my new aff product sites just rocked with sales/conversions when I first launched it. Then it took a big nosedive. I thought it was just slowing down because of the time of year (beginning of January), but discovered a horrendous mess when I picked through the site.

Somehow the code got all messed up resulting in the pages looking wonky on IE 5 and under. But that’s not the worst of it. I cloaked my image links on this site with a script, somehow half the links in the file were gone. How-did-that-happen? Visitors to the site weren’t able to see half the products as the pictures weren’t loading.


Thankfully I made a full backup after I had everything in place, so it was simply reloading the links file. I’ll have to look through my template code though, I did something very strange somewhere!

I paused my ppc campaign and will have to tackle that fine kettle of fish asap. I was taught a big lesson, I can’t assume all is well with a site when sales drop off.

It could be a website gone bad.

That sounds like a *really bad* B movie doesn’t it?


Linkshare Consolidating Checks?

I can’t believe it, seems the time has finally come (or at least given a timeline now).

I just read this over at Affiliate Tip and seems I missed some big news.

Does anyone know just how long the wait has been for this to happen? And I wonder if they’ll use better glue on their envelopes too – you know, make sure they’re sealed properly? Maybe a new address labeller too, gotta do a better job addressing those envelopes so those checks are mailed to the right person.

Linkshare + Consolidated Checks = Who Woulda Thunk


I don’t think this is going to change my mind about not promoting Linkshare as much. Without double checking, I’ve probably made a whopping $3 from them last year.