Introducing Me

My History Online

I think it was back in 2001 that I first realized that I could actually earn money online. I had dabbled a bit with eBay before but it never really took hold of my interest. I mean does anyone really want to deal with bubble wrap and the post office on a full time basis?

So I moved along and explored other pockets of money generation online. I tried a few different areas, all of them duds. There are really, really big sharks out there with huge teeth! I did alright in terms of earning enough to pay a phone bill or two every month, but none of it took hold of my attention. It really wasn’t fulfilling or satisfying or creative enough for me.

I did learn A LOT from that though and it helps explain the critical eye that I can have when someone tries to sell me a load. There’s a whole lot of people online whose sole motivation is to sell us something, anything–just as long as we buy it from them. I’m especially suspicious of overly nice, sweet and bubbly online persona’s. It’s a loud, crashing, five alarm fire for me :lol:. That is one of the throwbacks to those days.

My motto: Just Be Real.

Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing

In 2003 I took a serious look at affiliate marketing. Up til then I just didn’t feel confident enough in my skills to really pursue it. And as Napoleon Dynamite knows–skills are important and a big deal. But I dove in anyway and it took the first year for me to knock a few kinks out and get a good grasp of what the heck I was going to do with aff marketing.

What I’ve Mapped Out For Myself So Far

Today I have a few personal reservations for myself when earning money online. Including:

I refuse to have my online income reliant on ppc (pay per click advertising). I’ve done it, I’ve tried it, I made some money from it. But I don’t trust it. Not only for reasons of click fraud, but I don’t want to have my online income dependent on something so volatile as ppc. I view it as building a house on sand. So I no longer ‘do’ ppc. I’d rather focus my attention elsewhere. I know that won’t make sense to most people (hey it’s making money right), but I’m hard headed that way ;).

No contextual ads, and that includes Adsense. Crazy right? I just don’t see the sense in building websites around something that:

  • you have no idea how much of a % you’re earning from someone paying to advertise on your site
  • there’s no protection from deletion (lots of haters out there who love to sabotage)
  • I really don’t think that it’s a friend to webmasters and we’ll see that reveal itself down the line

I think SEO is important, and organic search engine traffic is a fantastic way to attract customers and build your web presence online. So I’ve learned all the basics of SEO that I could absorb. Regardless of what your goals are online, if you have a website–you need to be aware of SEO. However…

I don’t want to be reliant on search engine traffic either. Part of the reason is because I’m not networked or tricky enough. The SEO knowledge and abilities that I have today would have made me a fortune 3 or 4 or 5 years ago. Today, not much :lol:.

But I recognize that in some ways, poor search engine traffic numbers is a benefit. I’m forced to look outside the box to build my traffic and online presence. I feel building an income solely on SERPs is building a tudor castle on sand (sinks faster than a house). is my way of recording what’s going on in my head (with some of the above reflected in my notes) while I’m trying to work out all the tricks to successful affiliate marketing.

My Goals For Affiliate Marketing:

  • I want to build an income that I can be proud of. I’m not interested in dirty tricks or cheating anyone or looking over my shoulder. I *love* sleep, so it’s important that I make sure I can sleep easy at night ;).
  • I want to build outside the box, not Google or search engine reliant.
  • The amount I want to earn fluctuates. But if I can reach a full time income (and I realize that’s a relative amount for each person), I figure I can do anything online I set my mind to.

What I See In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something I love being involved with. It caters to everything I’m interested in: creativity, earning a side income (or full for some people), learning, developing new skills. It involves a lot of different areas: marketing, copywriting, sales, tech knowledge, web development, web design. Lots of reasons why I’m drawn to it and why I love it.

But it drives me nuts too in plenty of ways – it seems there’s just no rhyme or reason to why something sells and why something doesn’t. Why one affiliate network can track sales at a steady clip – and another can’t – same website, same products. Traffic is up one day and down the next. Affiliate managers or networks who can’t respect a business relationship or privacy. I can get a bit cranky about stuff actually ;).

But affiliate marketing isn’t my end goal. In the end I’d love to be fully independent. What that means exactly–well I’m still working that out for myself. But as I see it, affiliate marketing is my training ground. If I can work out how to draw targeted traffic, how to place products on a page, how to choose one item over another to sell, how to sell period–all the great things that an affiliate marketer can excel at–then I believe I can take that knowledge and really do something great online.

A Personal Look At Who I Am:

I’m female – not male.

I’m in my late thirties, married with a terrific son who’s a teenager (scary). We have a cat (black) and a dog (sheltie). My husband and our son are two peas in a pod who do nothing but sports together (golf), sports (hockey) and more sports (football)…and lacrosse and pickup basketball too. I have puhhh-lenty of free time when I’m at home :lol:.

I live in Canada (go Oilers!).

I work outside the home in a part time position that is actually full time hours. Work interferes with my life (I’m so not kidding), especially for online endeavors. That can be frustrating at times, but I’m content with the job that I’m in.

My husband has been self employed for just over 10 years now and in the past I’ve also been involved with small business for myself for a few years. Being totally dependent on self employment (for income) is crazy stress so I’m happy for now to stay settled in with my job (4 years) and not really in a hurry to go full time online. Although some days, maybe even a lot of days, it’s a different story. At the end of this year I may compromise and drop down to part time employment so that I can increase my online work. We’ll see.

About This Blog:

It’s partly a journal of my journey in the Affiliate Marketing world as well as news, tools and resources for affiliates. My brain flashes, successes, flops and failures are presented here to inspire and encourage you in your dreams of online success. Sometimes I know what I’m talking about and sometimes I don’t. I’m still learning. is part temper tantrum and part celebration. I know that sounds corny, but I really enjoy blogging here. I hope that’s a vibe you pick up and I hope you enjoy participating and following along and really get something worthwhile from the time you spend here :).