Blog Comment Guidelines

Generally you can think of blog discussion in the same terms as forum discussions when wondering what types of comments are ok and what’s considered bad form.

At most forums if you used the threaded discussions to promote yourself, your products or websites within the discussion, you would be warned and/or banned. I won’t warn or ban, but I will delete those types of comments.

It is disrespectful to both the blog owner and the blog readers to try hijacking any of the blog discussion toward websites and products you are affiliated with. Remember – you’re participating in a conversation here. No one appreciates sales pitches or hijacked topics in a conversation.

I’m not against posting links within SuperAff comments if it’s for legitimate discussion purposes, but I think it’s reasonable to request that you be considerate of SuperAff blog readers and myself and not try to draw this blog’s readership away from the discussion unless it *adds* to the conversation so that the convo continues and not *distracts* from it.

General Rules Of Thumb:

  • Do not include a signature url in your comment – that’s what your name profile URI is for
  • Do not include affiliate links
  • If you are affiliated in any way with what you want to link to – don’t post a link. I pretty much delete anything suspect which means unless I know you’re not affiliated – it’s deleted. If you think you should have an exception for your link, you can try filling me in first by using the contact form. I may agree and have allowed a link or two that the commenter was affiliated with to be included.
  • Do not use the comment feature to promote yourself, your services or products/websites. Keep the comment feature for *discussing the blog post topic*, it’s not an opportunity to promote yourself.
  • Before posting a link, ask yourself if it’s a quality, relevant link that *adds* to the discussion and keeps the conversation flowing.
  • Do not draw attention or ask people to visit the URI in your name profile. If you contribute quality discussion – people will naturally want to see where you’re from and will check you out on their own.
  • Do not link to offensive or illegal content websites in your name profile URI. Linking to any content with porn, gambling, casino, dating, pharmacy products are some examples of what I consider rude and I’ll remove the link from your URI – pretty standard stuff.

There may be times I do allow links to stay that may seem contrary to these Guidelines if I feel the resource linked to is beneficial to SuperAff readers and adds to the discussion. It’s at my discretion.

Reasonable guidelines that are pretty standard most places wouldn’t you say?

I’ll let you in on a secret: readers are *very popular*. There are A LOT of promotional language and spam comments waiting daily to be reviewed in my spam traps. Many are on topic and purposely written to seem part of the discussion. If I let those through – SuperAff would be a very different place than it is right now.

I have no interest in being a blog where readers have to dodge promotional language, advertisements, traffic pushers, etc., at every turn. So don’t do it. Be respectful. Or move on. Then the rest of us can enjoy the conversation.

Best and fastest way to ruin a blog: let the comments linking run free đŸ˜‰