How To Block Google Analytics From Tracking You

Google Analytics Remove
Here are tweaks we can use to play dodgeball with Google.

Since your IP and computer info can be beamed into Google’s hands as soon as you hit ‘Submit’ on your bitchin post (about Google of course :P) at a forum or blog that uses Google Analytics, I’d say this isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Prevent Google Analytics from tracking your visit

Not all website visitors like to reveal their details to the website owner. If you are one of these visitors, you can block Google Analytics from tracking your visits by adding the following line to your Windows Hosts file.

# [Google Inc]

How this works: Google Analytics downloads a small javascript urchin.js (Google Analytics Urchin Module) on the client’s computer which reports the all the tracking and analyzing data about the visitor back to Google. By adding the above line, we have effectively blocked our browser from downloading the urchin.js file.

Block Google Analytics cookies

Google Analytics (also known as Urchin) is a service from Google that helps website owners analyze how users use their sites. Information about your use of a certain website (including your IP address) can automatically be transmitted to and stored by Google using cookies.

FireFox : Avoid being tracked by Google Analytics

As it can be seen on this Google support page, webmasters must – in order to track your visits – reference a script on “â€?. To avoid being tracked, simply install the FireFox adblock plugin and site-block*

Since I don’t really use Firefox all that much (I prefer fast browsing and the clean page rendering that IE gives me – boosted with CrazyBrowser Multi-Tab Surfing), I’m trying to fiddle with my HOSTS file. Seems I can’t edit it (even after I untick read-only). grrrr

I’m working with this info page Hosts File.

Namecheap WhoIs Guard Features

Maybe most people know this, but I was clueless about one of the whois guard features til the other night. I figure there must be another one or two people who would appreciate knowing this because they missed it too.

When you buy a domain through, they give you free whois guard. That I knew.

What I didn’t know was that you could set your whois guard email to change every day or every few days. The email provided looks something funky like:


When someone sends an email to that address (they can find it by looking up your domain’s whois), the email is forwarded to your real email address that you used to setup the domain.

What you can do to combat spam is schedule an automatic email change so that this: oweurasdfasdfqow8.protect@ changes daily or every few days to something different.

To do that just go into your ‘manage domains’ section and click on the far right red/orange whois icon displayed. Halfway down the modify domain page you’ll see:

To enhance privacy, automatically change WhoisGuard email every – days

Just tick the box, enter the amount of days in the pulldown menu and save preferences.

This should really cut back on my spam, I’ve noticed a big drop already since I’ve done this.


Also you don’t have to use your whois subscription with the domain that you purchase. If you buy a domain that you don’t care whether or not it has whois guard applied to it, you can use it to extend the whois guard on another domain (that you already have registered with namecheap).

I’m not sure if these whois guard features are available with other domain registrars? I only have whois guard activated on domains in namecheap, so I can’t check GoDaddy (the other registrar I use).

Moving Hosts + MySQL Errors

Here’s a funny story. I’ve been moving around a few sites, and one of them involves a couple MySQL databases. I’ve been lucky in the past and have moved sites with pretty much no problems for the most part (well there was that ONE time…). Until last week.

When I tried uploading the databases to the new host, I would get this error for one database:

#1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1’

or this one for another database:

#1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘CURRENT_TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,

and yup, another database gave me this grief:

#1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ALTER TABLE `wp_categories` DISABLE KEYS */’

I *hate* bugging my webhosts unless it’s something I’m really sure is a problem on their end. I know they are overrun with psycho customer support requests. With these MySQL errors shooting out, I wanted to make sure I was contacting the right host with the problem. Was it my original host that had the problem (corrupt databases or something?) or was it the new host with the problem?

So I did a bit of investigating and started uploading and downloading databases on the handful of webhosts I work with. I discovered that a couple hosts had no problems with any of the databases. No matter what I tried uploading, they all took them no prob. Another couple hosts choked on the databases – no matter what I tried uploading, always shooting out some sort of error. And then one or two hosts could handle some databases, yet not others.

So what’s a girl to do? I run to Emax Hosting because they’re my tried and true. I’ve had a few bitty sites sitting on their servers for a year + and I know if something’s wonky – they’ll know why. Bonus reason: Chris responds on his forum pretty darn fast.

Here’s the scoop Chris gave me:

It all boils down to 2 things.

[1] MySQL version, we use on most of our server 4.1 which has no issues being backwards compatible but 4.0 has issues with 4.1

[2] Other issue is with the different version but how and what is properly exported when backing your database up.

Doh! It all comes down to me trying to squeeze database backups from MySQL 4.1x to MySQL 4.0x. Apparently that doesn’t work out too well. 😕

MySQL tip of the day: when you’re moving hosts, watch the MySQL version you are moving onto. If it’s 4.1x you should have no problems. But if it’s 4.0x, you’ll want to make sure the host you’re moving from isn’t 4.1x because you’ll get nothing but ONE BIG HEADACHE.

BTW: I had the inspiration at one time to offer hosting services (as a reseller). Heck no – I gave up that idea a long time ago when I realized I wasn’t techie enough 😆

Two Commitments In Your Head Create Stress And Failure

You are subliminally aware of all your commitments, big and little, personal and professional, and they are stored in “psychic RAM” unless consciously and objectively tracked and reviewed. That part of the psyche, though, has no sense of past or future, so as soon as it is required to hold on to two incompletions, it creates inner frustration and anxiety. A creative part of you is attempting to do them both at once, which is impossible. But it doesn’t give up. It keeps on trying and trying and trying …

That’s a quote from the latest book I’m reading:

Ready For Anything
52 Productivity Principles for Work & Life
Author: David Allen

I’m a pretty busy person. I have a job that entails shift work (same department – two different locations, no set schedule), a very active teenage son (read: sports sports and more sports plus social activities), a husband who is self-employed (read: bookwork from hell), and my online business activities.

I have to write *everything* down. The dog grooming appointment, the hockey camp times, when and where my shifts are, what time to set the VCR for favorite programs – you name it, it’s written down somewhere.

And if it isn’t written down – zip – it’s outta my head or is creating angst while I’m doing something else.

However I’m not so good at keeping everything centralized. I have a calendar book to keep track of appointments, TreePad to keep track of online essentials, a private forum to track To Do lists (and not everything gets in there), and reams of paper from taking notes of things I’ve read. The list goes on and on my friend.

It does work for me, writing things down – but I could make my system better. I’m still trying to figure out something that will work best for me and keep everything in one handy dandy place.

I’ve found that writing everything down and keeping a To Do list really does help. I may not tackle everything on the list, or get it done when I want to, but as long as I have that stuff written down – it frees up my psychic RAM and I’m able to fully focus on the task at hand.

When you are fully focused and other things aren’t pulling at your mind, you are more creative, more efficient and feel more in control of things. Try writing everything down for awhile and you’ll see what I mean :wink:. Things aren’t so scattered and kookoo crazy.

Choosing A Domain Name

I’m in the midst of a domain buying spree. The problem is – I have no idea what I want to use them for. Now isn’t that the craziest thing you ever heard? 😆

But with domain age seeming to be a factor with Google (according to Google’s latest patent), I thought it would be a good idea to start setting aside some generic type domains for myself so I can get a head start on aging them.

By generic – I mean domain names that would be acceptable for a variety of themes. I may decide to do some shopping sites, or some information/reference type. No matter what I end up using the domains for, I should have something on hand to use.

When you don’t have a clue what you’re going to be developing, it gets kinda tricky trying to think up domain names. Here are a few resources I put together:

Online Thesaurus: Since the word(s) I want to use for a domain name are usually taken, I’ll plunk that word in here and see if I can trigger some new ideas

NameBoy: I’ll pop a word or two in here and see what NameBoy comes up with. I don’t usually have luck finding anything I like, but it can help trigger some new ideas

Rhyme Zone: There may be a word I like the sound of – plunk it in here and see what happens.

United States Patent and Trademark Office: Search here to make sure there are no trademarks on any of the words or names you want to use. Better safe now than sorry later!

Deleted Domains: See what’s up for grabs. You may find something you like, or a domain name that inspires a brain flash (make sure to check out the expired domain first to ensure it wasn’t a spam/porn/evil domain). You can also find domains deleted today as well as domains registered today (neat). Limited results without a membership.

WayBackMachine: When I do find a domain name that’s available, I’ll hop over here and see if it was registered previously. If it was – I’ll look at it closely to see if it was a spammy type of domain (or so help me – a porn/gambling mega site). If it looks clean – I’ll head over to a domain registrar to buy it.

Since I don’t know what I’m going to be using the domains for, how can I create keyword rich domain names? Hmmm. I don’t think eBay (online auction results), or Yahoo (free email results), or CNN (news results) cared about keywords in their domain names. 😉

PS: Did you know namecheap is offering a free whois guard with every domain purchase right now?

Coupon Sucked Me In

If any of you have a newsletter and sell products to your lists (tongue in cheek :wink:), here is something I just came across you may be able to use.

I was shopping over at and this is what got me to opt in to their newsletter:

After completing my order, it was noted that I was not a subscriber to their newsletter. If I would signup for it, they would give me a one time coupon to use. So I joined and was given a coupon code for $5 off my next purchase ($25 minimum order).

Now I’ve noticed their newsletter signup on site before while shopping, and was never all-that-motivated to join. This tipped me (I’m a sucker for bargains! :lol:).

I have $5 to spend on my next order there, they have me on their newsletter list for the topics I’m interested in. Win-win for both of us.

btw are you familiar with K-i-l-l-e-r pricing, but you have to keep on your toes to grab the copies of books you want (very limited quantities). See what I scooped up lately (and some were hardcover!):

Guerrilla Marketing Weapons $4.99
Guerrilla Creativity $6.99
Guerrilla Marketing for Free $5.99
Guerrilla Marketing Attack $3.49
The Way of the Guerrilla $5.99
Guerrilla Marketing Online (Second Edition) $6.99
Guerrilla Selling $5.49
Guerilla Marketing Online Weapons $5.49
Guerrilla Marketing Excellence $4.99
The Deluxe Transitive Vampire $6.99
On Writing Well (25th Anniversary Edition) $6.99
Free Agent Nation $2.49
Clicking (New and Revised) $3.99
The Popcorn Report $3.49
Eveolution $2.49

Ummm don’t be freaked out by all the Guerrilla books – I’m not obsessive – really! 😆

And heads up to Canadians: they have a warehouse in Ontario – so there is no duty on our shipments. *Love That*

Enjoy your day!