Google PR Update – Finally!

Yes the day has finally arrived – the Google PR update. Look up at your Google Toolbar and see what I see for this page? A whopping PR of 4! 😆 First new site ever to start out with a bang like this, I usually struggle with 1 and 2 for new sites. Told ya – I’m not a SEO pro :lol:.

The three directories I started in the past couple months have quite a mix, PR 4, PR 3 and PR 1. My pal’s directory nabbed a 3 (started the same time period) as mine).

The aff sites are mixes from 1 to 3 (I still can’t seem to jump the 3 for an aff site).

One new aff site (February) didn’t receive any PR, still sitting at 0. 👿

Now I know we can’t get all excited about Page Rank because the numbers shown don’t seem to be a true representation, but it sure makes things A LOT easier when link building. Not many directories or sites out there that are willing to link to a PR 0 website – no matter how great a resource it is. And we all know how important IBLs are.

I’m pretty surprised that a few of my aff sites haven’t done better because I really worked at link building since the past update. Two sites even dropped a point. Oh well, at least all but one of my new websites have some PR showing. That will help get things going for them.

[Just noticed the ugly spelling error in my last post – really need to watch that don’t I? grrrr]

Hope the PR update brought you a pleasant surprise or two today!

ETA: Just noticed Spamhuntress nailed a 6 for her blog (new in Feb). Go spamhuntress! 😆

Blame Google South Park Style

Blaming Google – South Park Style

Blame Canada Lyrics

Blame Google!
Online Webmasters

Times have changed,
Google’s SERPs are getting worse
They won’t obey the inbounds,
They just want to fart and curse.
Should we blame the link spam, or blame the white hats, or should we blame the black hats…No!
Blame Google! Blame Google!

With all their cloaked little spies,
Their autolink so full of lies
Blame Google! Blame Google!

We need to form a full assault, it’s Google’s fault!
Don’t blame me, for my dropped site, it fed that damn googlebot, and now its just a network satellite!
And my site once, had a listing top shelf, but now when I find it, it tells me to screw myself
Well, Blame Google!

It seems that everything’s gone wrong since
Google came along
Blame Google!
Blame Google!

They’re not even “Do-No-Evil” anyway.
My site could of been a contender or authority, it’s true,
Instead it burned up like a piggie on a barbecue
Should we blame the matches?
Should we blame the fire, or the SEO who bowled for hire. Heck no!
Blame Google!
Blame Google!

With all their pagerank hubaloo and that bitch algo too.
Blame Google!
Shame on Google!

The spam we must stop
The trash we must smash
Laughter and fun must all be undone
We must blame them and cause a fuss
Before somebody thinks of blaming us!

GoogleBowling New SEO Method?

Ok when will I learn to save my most amazing, brilliant brain flashes for my own blog! 😆

Current Thinkng on Linking for Google

hmmm we should play with Google now. Pick the whitehouse or something big and knock em out of the serps. We could call it Google Bowling. lol

But ego aside GoogleBowling is serious business and with all the monkeying around Google has done to their algo, GoogleBowling is the direction we seem to be heading in.

Threadwatch: GoogleBowling – The Nasty Business of Link Sabotage

Chris Garret: You have heard of GoogleBombs? Now here is GoogleBowling

So what is Google Bowling? Remember the good old days of SEO? You optimize your pages, work on inbound linking, and if the Google forces were with you – you could rise through the ranks. Those days seem to be over. What the dark forces are pointing to though, is an opportunity to knock out your competitors listed above you in the SERPs, rising your site by default.

That’s GoogleBowling. Optimizing pages to knock out your competitor. As Chris states on his blog:

This is so evil black hat black hat doesn’t describe it! Perhaps Octarine

Seems nasty times are looming. And yes Chris, I think Octarine fits the bill.

ETA: And just to be clear, I don’t condone this method of SEO. But if Google has indeed left this door open, people need to be aware and watch for it and buckle up for the nasty ride ahead.

302 Google Issue – Is Something Happening?

Caught a thread over at Threadwatch: Google’s 302 Problem Solved? so I snuck a peek at the sites I’ve been monitoring.

I do see a big change, the query does show clean results. No hijacked urls and no scripted links included in the results. You may want to check your sites that were affected by this or were monitoring.

It’s too early to tell if the changes are cosmetic only, or if Google has snuffed out the hijacking problem. We’ll see if any of those affected websites bounce back or not.

If you’re wondering what that 302 thing was all about, I posted a few times about this:

Google’s 302 Problem Exposed

Removing Google Hijackers

Slashdot Threadwatch GoogleGuy

Those blog entries have a good number of informative links and resources about the 302 issue.

Search Engine Papers Galore

Are you ready for this?

If you’re a wannabe SEO (like me) and trying to learn all you can about the search engine game (important), you grab all the research papers you can that are released.

Here are a few:

An Analysis of Factors Used in Search Engine Ranking

Web Spam, Propaganda and Trust

Identifying Link Farm Spam Pages

Link Spam Alliances

A Personalized Search Engine Based on WebSnippet Hierarchical Clustering

Pagerank Increase under Different Collusion Topologies

Warning: After reading them you may find your eyes glazed over and a puzzled, dazed and confused expression is hardcoded across your face. What to do?

You head over to:

Search Engine Watch to follow the commentary there. And if you’re really wanting to just cut to the goods, you always follow up over at GrayWolf’s blog:

Algorithm Research Papers

I’ll sum them up in about 6 sentences:

* Spammers will exchange links with friends or colleagues.
* Spammers will buy links from external websites.
* Spammers will get links from directories or web forum signatures.
* Spammers build websites to get links,
* Spammers will link websites websites in a ring or pyramid form.
* Spammers do it to increase rankings and make money.

Thank ye Graywolf!

Gets a tad complicated at times huh.

😳 Now Live

I just received an email from that the search engine is now open to the public (it was in beta testing). See what you think by trying them here:

Our research service enables you to locate valuable (and often hard to find) shopping-related research: buying guides, reviews, articles, specifications, forums, merchants, and a variety of other relevant information.

Now let’s hope this engine will be able to compete a bit with Google and send us some traffic!