More On Boosting Juice To Sites That Link To You

Earlier I posted about the technique of boosting the strength of your incoming links by finding ways to link to those sites that link to you: Do You Boost The Juice To Sites That Link To You?.

Mouthful isn’t it :lol:.

It occurred to me after writing that post that companies and marketers who offer products and services should take a closer look at that.

Is someone recommending your product on their blog or website?

Or recommending your service to their visitors?

I’d say it’s in your best interest to make sure those good reviews hit the top of the serps with nice, keyword rich links ;).

Do You Boost The Juice To Sites That Link To You?

There’s a site I’ve been taking my time building over the past year that has very little traffic atm. A site that some would call: Well Below The Radar :lol:.

I’ve been noticing something interesting though. Aside from the standard scraper sites linking to this little known and tucked away gem, there are a few links pointing to it – links that I didn’t hustle for.

Knowing how hard it is to get a webmaster to throw a link your way unless there’s ‘something in it for them’, I got a little curious as to why.

I did a little digging and found something interesting. The sites that are linking to me are affiliated in some way with websites that I’ve linked to. Some of the content on my website is from reprint articles (no it’s not a splog). The websites linking to me aren’t linked to from the articles I posted, but seem to be affiliated in some way. Which gave me a big ‘aha’ moment.

When you boost the juice or the ‘link power’ or ‘credibility’ of a site that links to you – not only does that website benefit, but you benefit too because the link pointing to your site is juicier than before.

Make sense?

Here are some methods to try:

  • Write articles with your websites in the article resource box as usual, but throw a link within the article body to the site you want juiced up.
  • Mention the site and link to it in a blog post.
  • Link to the site as a suggested resource somewhere on another website of yours – like a link exchange page or an article that you posted or a regular content page.
  • Mention it on a niche forum if the thread is on topic.
  • Bookmark the page that links to you in one of the social bookmarking sites (like, furl, digg, etc.)

As we all know – it’s all about the links baby. Throwing links to sites that link to you not only helps with search engines, but the eyeballs that go with it.

The Age Of Link Bait Cometh

I was reading an article from Colin McDougall at Revenews:

Takeaways from Discussion with Matt Cutts – The Google Update is Coming

The Stanford report introduces a measure of link manipulation called Spam Mass (how much PageRank has accumulated from spam pages). When duplicate content filters are combined with spam mass level, article spam effectiveness will be diminished.

Looks like article marketing is about to get a kick in the pants from Google.

I’m not sure what the difference is between article spam and one of your articles being picked up enmasse. I thought the idea was to write something well and interesting so that it would be picked up and widely circulated? :insert-googley-eyes-here:

With Google shutting down the value of various methods of free web promotion (link exchanges, directory listings, article marketing, etc.), what’s an average webmaster to do to get their site humming?

Although always done on some level, there’s been a big clue zipping around the past few months:

Link Bait

What is link bait? Aaron Wall wrote about it last summer: Link Bait and so did Bill Hartzer last month Use Link Bait to Catch Better Rankings.

Basically link bait is something unique to your site that is ‘buzz worthy’. Create buzz – the links storm in.

A Few Link Bait Techniques

Websites & Blogs Offering Free Tools

  • Lots of links and buzz pointing to your site for the freebie. This can be free scripts, free browser tools (Firefox is a biggy), free keyword tools – something that would be very useful to your target audience. Create it yourself or hire someone to do it.


  • Can be SEO contests like we’ve been seeing, or simpler things like monthly prize draws. If giving away money or prizes, do your homework and find out what the laws and legal expectations are. You can also hijack a buzzed about contest and grab links for yourself that way.

Scandal & Flame Wars

  • Carefully done, it can bring and hook a following. Drive with caution :lol:.

Friends can help kickstart the buzz by posting about it on their blogs or circulating the news on forums for you. Again – friends and connections online can make a difference.

Regularly take a peek at what’s getting attention:

Yes there’s some manipulation in there too. But it’s still worthwhile to watch and see what’s popular. Use that information to create your own ‘Digg-Worthy’ link bait.

Getting a lot of inbounds from link bait can help in the SERPS, but more importantly – you gain attention and traffic independently from search engines. That’s the part I like ;).

Clean Code and Google – SEO Bytes

I have an online pal who is pretty disciplined when it comes to making sure her code is up to par.

Me … I slap and run. I figure as long as the page renders well in various versions of IE and Firefox – and the code is not too heavy and funky – I’m good to go. Besides, have you ever tried to validate a page with affiliate links on it? {mucho-time-waster}

Here’s an interesting tidbit I found over at SEOmoz Blog:

W3C Valid Code & Google

Matt Cutts:

We can’t throw out 40% of the web on the principle that sites should validate; we have to take the web as it is and try to make it useful to searchers, so Google’s index parsing is pretty forgiving.


Google PR Update + Jagger

Looks like a big Google update is underway, and that includes Google’s Page Rank (that green specky stuff showing in its toolbar). I love PR updates and I won’t apologize for it :???:.

So far my money sites (affiliate product pages) are sitting normal – bunch of 3s and 4s, a couple 2s. This blog seems to have jumped to PR 5 from a PR 4, but nothing really drastic all around. The update is not over yet though.

Although getting a green boost is always fun, I’d rather have lots and lots of Google traffic. These green specks don’t affect that, but what PR does give me is an improved position for link building. A lot of webmasters, directories and link exchanges will *just-not-link-to-you* unless you have some Google PR showing. So I’m always pleased with PR updates – it means I can get building on some links to my new sites (and don’t we always have new sites waiting to hustle :lol:).

Current Action – PR & BL Export Is On

As far as “Update Jagger” is concerned, I’m ummm, pretty concerned. First off my Google traffic hasn’t changed at all – that means I’m nowhere in the SERPs – AGAIN – which means “I aint gettin any”. But it’s a standing joke between goog and me, so now it’s just funny. I happened to do a search for “namecheap” last night (without quotes). Are you seeing what I’m seeing? A bunch of Namecheap domain parked pages – and I mean A BUNCH :shock:! Hopefully the craziness will move on – things are still moving and nothing’s golden yet.

Google Oct. 2005 Update “Jagger” & Contacting Google About It

Some freebie tools you can play with while the Google update is on:

Future PageRank Tool
*Shows Datacenter activity

Query Page Rank from various Google Datacenters

Datacenter Quick Check