Does Google Hate Affiliates?

It seems the great debate online lately is whether or not Google is determined to wipe affiliate datafeed sites out of its index, or at least penalize them so bad that they don’t show up anywhere in the results.

When we stop to think that affiliate datafeeds are producing 1000s and 1000s of pages that provide the same content or near the same content across hundreds of websites, wouldn’t it be *wise* for Google to boot them? If that isn’t spamming a search engine, I don’t know what is.

However I don’t agree that Google has done this. Yet.

If I search online for a common affiliate product website, such as:

Bargain Shopping

I see several sites in the first few pages that are loaded with affiliate links and are database driven.

But where are some affiliate sites disappearing too? And why?

Is it simply competition? Algo burps that need settling down a bit?

Time will tell but I think this great debate is another wake up call. We really need to look at and focus on finding more than organic search results to provide our traffic. If we depend on Google or Yahoo or MSN for our visitors, we’re playing with fire.