Classified Ads Blog Style – Edgeio Coming Soon

This is interesting. There’s a new classified ad service about to launch that you can participate in through your blog.

Read more about it here:

Edgeio – The Beginning

We will find edge published listings if they include the category or tag “listing” within the post or content. The listings will be indexed through the blog’s RSS feed and aggregated with other “listings from the edge”. Users of the edgeio service will be able to search through listings and communicate directly with the publisher. Edgeio will also make aggregated listings available though a web service to other Internet sites and services that would like to include edge listings.

There is a whisper about this being an eBay Killer

It ties in with so much of the stuff that I’ve been thinking about recently – essentially that blogs are becoming the submit form for the web and that the centralized models (read: walled gardens) of old are about to be disrupted in a big way by smart aggregators.

Here’s another blog post that has its doubts: Edgio really is an Edge Case

My good mate Crocodile Dundee once famously said “That’s not a knife, this is a knife”. I keep reading all this great blog press about Edgio and all I can keep thinking is “That’s not a business model, this is a business model” and then I pull out my great big, shiny Adsense blade.

I think he’s serious about Adsense being a better business model. Although I find that disturbing (yes I’m serious), I think the concerns raised are valid.

From what I understand of it, you can post anything you want to sell on your blog, tag it for Edgio and sell directly from your blog. You pay a quarter or something every day to keep the listings at the top. I think it’s a great concept.

I’m looking forward to watching how Edgio is going to snuff out the spam-o-la. If the classifieds are going to be filled with porn, pills, casino, mortgages, credit, dating, ringtones, make a million dollars a day stuff – I think Edgio will die before its able to exhale from its first full breath.

Submit your email addy here if you’d like to be notified when it launches: Edgeio

The New Rules Of PR

Here’s an ebook I stumbled across while doing some searching for another project:

The New Rules Of PR
How to create a press release strategy for reaching buyers directly
David Meerman Scott

The ebook has some good information about press release marketing in today’s internet (the Web 2.0 World).

The Web has changed the rules for press releases. The thing is, most old-line PR professionals just don’t know it yet.

Because the rules for relating to the public have changed so slowly over the past ten years (since the Web has allowed people to read press releases directly), practitioners who learned based on the old rules have been equally slow to change. In fact, most old-school experts have refused to change altogether. It is time to step it up and consider the promise Web 2.0 public relations holds.

Who knows if Google will kick Press Release marketing in the pants too, but if you have a site worth talking about distributing press releases is a valid marketing method. You can reach your buyers directly and can help kick a site into high gear.

Help yourself to a free copy of the ebook (pdf): The New Rules Of PR

More reading:

David Meerman Scott’s Squidoo Lens

WebInkNow – David’s blog

Bookmark Pages – Your Links Welcome

Still knocking around polishing things up with the new blog theme. I changed the old bookmark pages that were on static html pages to blog pages.

This means a couple things:

  • If you’ve bookmarked the old pages – you’ll want to update your bookmarks
  • The pages themselves will now be available through rss
  • For a trial run, I’m going to open the comments on these pages and you’re welcome to post links to your favorite *free* tools and bookmarks.

If you have an article directory or offer a free webmaster type tool or forum – feel free to post a link in the comment section of the applicable bookmark page.

*Free tools & free membership sites only – no ref links or commercial products/websites

I’ll leave this for a trial run – we’ll see how it goes. If the spammers go wild and keep me busy deleting comments, I’ll have to close the comments.

Affiliate Marketing & Webmaster Forums

Bookmarked Freebie Tools & Resources

Article Submission Sites

Product Development & Copyright Protection

Thinking of writing an ebook? Or creating a commercial script or software program?

Time to get down and dirty with copyrights.

I was surprised at how simple the process is to register and secure your copyright. Even from Canada, I can choose to protect my work with a copyright registered in the U.S. by downloading & submitting the form from the U.S. Copyright Office, pay a small fee (U.S. copyright fees) and boom! there it is. Recognized by several countries too.

I picked up a handy little book to keep at my side for reference:

The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Copyrights (not an aff link)

Very clear explanations and although not a definitive guide, it does help you sort through the tangley web of copyright protection and do’s and don’ts.

The book is easy to read and understand too ;).

PHP Automatic Link Checker – $10

I purchased this automatic link checker script a couple months ago and I have to tell ya – it’s slick and easy!

Softbiz Automatic Link Checker Script
(not an aff link)

Here’s the scoop:

Cost: $10
Script: PHP
License: One domain

You can only install the script on one domain – not all your domains. But don’t let that turn you off. You can add as many different domains as you like within the program to check. Basically, install it on one domain and use the one central location to check each of your domains link exchanges.

Why do I prefer this link checking script rather than all the freebie link exchange scripts out there?

  • There’s no footprint and no links pointing to the link exchange script author (big plus).
  • You can choose to have the script search for a link (ie. or for words in the anchor text (ie. Affiliate Marketing Gab). This comes in handy for those link exchanges that have your link wrapped in a script rather than straight html. Some big, busy websites won’t straight link – and heck I want the traffic they can send me ;).
  • You can set a crontab to have a report sent to you daily so you can quickly remove the links to pages that dropped your link.
  • You can check all of your domains link exchanges at once, from one central location.

If you do huge amounts of link exchanges across several domains – this probably isn’t the script for you.

But if you do smaller amounts of selective link exchanges, this is what you’re looking for.

You do need to create your own submission form if you plan on having a link exchange request page on your websites (try this freebie: Novice Form), and you will need to manually add the link exchange information to your link exchange pages (usually just a c&p), but it’s worth the small hassle IMO.

At $10, this automatic link checking script is a bargain!