Hit The Swipe File Jackpot

Don’t ask me what I was initially searching for because I don’t remember now! πŸ˜† But lo and behold I stumbled upon a fantastic *free* resource for your swipe file:


I mean this site is *loaded* with copies of advertisements. There is a rare collection of Claude C. Hopkins advertisements (states it’s available for a limited time), hundreds of advertisements from the 50’s and 60’s, a collection of Gary Halbert’s advertisements, plus loads of current magazine covers (National Enquirer, etc.) and tonnes more.

I’ve been playing in here for hours! [guilty pleasure :lol:]

To start just use the passwords listed on the main page to login. Once you’re in, register so you can view the subscriber only advertisements (still free to do). One thing that had me in circles was once I logged out – I couldn’t figure out how to log back in. On the main page you still use the generic password and username listed, then once inside you login with your own info (you’ll see the login tab up top). I’m sure it’s quite clear somewhere on the main page to do this – but I like to do things the hard way I guess. lol, took me a few tries to figure that out.

I just love looking through old ads and headlines and stacking my swipe file. Comes in handy the next time I need to be brilliant and actually sell stuff! πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the freebie.

Two More Newsletters

Still picking through all my newsletter subscriptions, unsubscribing from a tonne as well as getting reacquainted with the ‘goodies’.

Here are two more newsletters that I look forward to receiving:


The Jungle Marketer

I also posted a dozen newsletter favorites here in case you missed that:

Twelve Newsletters That Made It

And of course – they’re free to subscribe and enjoy.

Slowly but surely I’m getting my newsletter count down to a reasonable amount.


Twelve Newsletters That Made It

Ok things have been a bit *busy*, plus the J-O-B is interfering with my life lately – well my life in the online world. So what’s a girl to do while she’s at work? Clean out her gmail!

My newsletter account is one serious nightmare, had good intentions last December to scrap as much as possible and clean all those subscriptions up. Well that didn’t happen til just last night. πŸ˜† And I’m only half-way done.

Are you too fighting the too-many-newsletters crisis? And do the majority of those newsletters all sound the same? And how many of those send 10 reminders every-other-day from the gurus that time’s running out on that *latest-greatest-top-secret* package that will blow the doors wide open on how to make a bazillion dollars *in one week* and master Google like it’s never been mastered before??

Start picking through your newsletters (the ones that are all piled up waiting to be read) and you’ll start noticing the same things I did. Too many are cut from the same cloth. The content on many are 50% ads and 40% free reprint articles and 10% original content. Some take a whole lot of words to say a whole lot of nothing. Some start out with great info – but you have to pay to get the rest of the info. Too many share the same reprint article sources. Everybody’s friends with everybody – so everybody’s getting *exclusive* deals to share with us.

So it was time to prune, chop, purge all the nonsense from my inbox. And you’d be surprised at some of the big names that got the big boot (see the “Some take a whole lot of words to say a whole lot of nothing” blurb above).

But I did get reacquainted with several solid, excellent pieces. A few did get lost in that nonsense crowd. Here are 12 of the newsletters that made my shortlist. Most I consider must-haves. Some are SEO, some marketing, some copywriting and more. A nice mix that offers superb information, without all that *noise*:


We focus on ideas that have proven themselves in local or regional markets, and are ready for expansion, partnership, franchising or copying. We present these bright new ideas in free, monthly newsletters, which are sent to over 50,000 business professionals in more than 120 countries. Our subscribers are ‘in the know’ and get instant inspiration to create, partner with, join, or copy the Next Big Thing in business.


TrendWatching.com and its 4,000+ trendspotters scan the US, Canada, European Union, Japan, South Korea, India, South Africa, Australia, Brazil and 50 other nations & regions for hot, emerging consumer trends and related new business ideas.

Dr. Nunley

Marketing, advertising, PR, copywriting services, and advice from one of the Net’s leading authorities on business promotion. Dr. Nunley is one of my favorite marketing newsletters. He also has a blog that he posts his articles to, so for those of us that are becoming ‘newsletter tired’ – we can keep up with the blog.

Copywriter’s Roundtable

Free weekly e-zine. Jack delves into the vaults of some of the sharpest copywriters in the business and spills the beans to us. It’s a worthy signup.


Optimization strategies that cuts through the hype. This is one newsletter I don’t let pile up in my inbox before reading.

CPA Tipline

Sometimes no-thanks (another man’s treasure right :wink:), sometimes oh boy! Enjoying this one.

The CPA Tipline is an opt-in email newsletter that helps Internet marketers and publishers quickly and easily find the best, most profitable cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and cost-per-lead (CPL) opportunities.


I can confidently say this newsletter is subscribed to by nearly every affiliate marketer out there, but I included it in this shortlist – just in case :lol:.

Wouldn’t it be great to get more sales without spending more money to drive more visitors to your site? You can. There are hundreds of ways to improve your Conversion Rate and the persuasiveness of your website, many of which can be done very quickly and some of which cost absolutely nothing to implement!

Above The Fold

Above The Fold newsletter by Aaron Wall, author of the SEO Book. Very info rich newsletter about the goings on and happenings in the SEO world. Excellent newsletter, but not very frequent. Aaron *WE WANT MORE* πŸ˜†

High Rankings Advisor

Jill Whalen’s High Rankings Advisor search engine marketing newsletter. Another must-subscribe.

The Entrepeneur’s Hotsheet

Good grief I have *no time* to keep up with all the forums and all the threads. Who does? This newsletter is sent twice weekly and it highlights the best threads these guys find. Mainly focusing on marketing and various business forums.

Business Essentials Ezine

Free ezine that is published bi-monthly. This marketing and copywriting-based email newsletter is devoted to increasing your success through marketing and copywriting strategies that are proven to work.

Drilling Down

One day when I grow up – I’ll understand everything this is about. πŸ˜†

Turning customer data into profits with a Spreadsheet. Customer Valuation, Retention, Loyalty, Defection. Relationship Marketing How-To site teaches techniques, offers popular book w/ free software. Measure and manage customer retention.

I hope you’ll find some goodies in here to enjoy.

Invalid WHOIS Data Study

Hey no! I’m not stalking Ben Edelman, but while reading this case study about invalid whois, I realized he wrote it:

Large-Scale Intentional Invalid WHOIS Data A Case Study of “NicGod Productions” / “Domains For Sale”

It is a dated piece (2002), but still an interesting read. A few weeks ago I posted about Ben’s work with adware/spyware/affiliate hijacking work here:

Aff Friendly Spyware Buster

Another site of interest is ICANNWatch (good start: ICANN Four Beginners. Makes one go hmmmmm doesn’t it.

ICANNWatch.org is designed to be a news and comment forum for people interested in questions about the doing of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Design Blog To Check Out

Here’s a blog that gives nice tutorials on the Gimp, PhotoShop, creating blog templates, and free web design tool resources and tips:

Susie’s Design Blog

In this blog I will help you create your own blog template, either from scratch or by modifying one of the default templates. I will also talk about adding hacks, give some thoughts about web design and provide links to web design resources I have found useful. Whenever possible I will use freeware or shareware software and review the software for you. For image editing I use Adobe Photoshop and the GIMP, so there will be some basic tutorials for these too.

Sometimes it’s nice to grab a good cup of coffee, put your feet up on the desk, forget about ‘business’ and polish up on some design skills, learn some new things or find design inspiration.