Update On Directory

I just added some more links to Nifty Shops, things are slowly coming together with this directory. If you’re tired of submitting your sites to directories, try filling one. πŸ˜† This is very time consuming! But I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going so far and it’s shaping up to be a nice resource (I hope).

Feel free to submit your sites here, help me fill it quicker! πŸ˜†

Something different about this directory is that AskJeeves seems to like it a lot better than the others. Yahoo and Google are just nibbling right now, but AskJeeves is really munching away. MSN is nowhere to be found yet. This is very much different from the other two directories (Fabaroo & Fabarooni). Those two are being swallowed whole by Yahoo and Google, bits by MSN and nuthin by AskJeeves.

Different scripts affecting the bot munch interest? Who knows. But these directories are really new, too early for me to make judgements.

New Directory – Free Submission

This is one of my new directories that I’m currently working on:


Still tweaking some things, but feel free to submit your websites. Right now I’m using bannerboxes to provide listings in all the categories, you’ll notice the bannerboxes scripted links.

The manually submitted websites will be posted above the bannerboxes results and will have pure text/html links.

Feedback Corner

When people take the time to send you some feedback, you just have to make a special place for them.

So here it is, and thanks very much for the kind words!

Hosting Probs

I had some wonky issues with hosting yesterday, and not just with the blog! Hopefully you’re all reading this and not viewing some strange fitness site.


Moving Hosts – WordPress

I’m just in the midst of moving this blog from one host to another and testing the move. The original host I used was excellent as always, but I’d like this blog hosted seperate from my other sites.

So far so good!

btw here’s a nice page outlining the steps to backup and restore WordPress (applies when switching hosts too).

WordPress Backup Restore Help

Web Hosting – 2 Tier

This is a webhost I’ve been with for almost a year and they recently started a new affiliate program. This is one webhost that offers cheap, reliable hosting – yet he’s here for the long haul. Really doing a great job building a nice hosting company.

You can join the aff program here:
Webmaster’s Earn Money Here!

You will earn 10% – 65% for every sale you generate
You will earn 25% of all sales generated by affiliates in your 2nd tier

There are 5 tiers of commission. The more active you are promoting, the higher aff commission you’ll receive.

[1] Earn 10% of each sale on the total reoccurring amount.
[2] Earn 20% of each sale on the total reoccurring amount.
[3] Earn 35% of each sale on the total reoccurring amount.
[4] Earn 50% of each sale on the total reoccurring amount.
[5] Earn 60% of each sale on the total reoccurring amount.

$5 signup bonus
$25 payout

Does it get any better?

Plus – great find in a webhost too. I have a few sites here and nothing but good things to say.

Join the Affiliate Program here:
Webmaster’s Earn Money Here!

Or get yourself some fab cheap hosting here:
eMax Hosting