Clickin It Rich Update

Just an update as to where I’m at with the Clickin It Rich Project.

I’ve found several contenders to work with using NicheTracker, but found a *serious* opportunity to develop. I’m still using the Keyword Hotlist that Michael provides in the package (actually I only made a dent, still 99% of them to check out), and dug in on one of the results and found this gem. Excellent search count, yet not a lot of sites to compete with (currently less than 110,000 results listed in goog).

However, I’m having some difficulty locating a good merchant to work with on this type of product. There are merchants out there dealing in this, yes, but I’m not too comfortable with what I’ve found so far. The 1-800 #s plastered throughout the sites and the actual layouts (think 1999). Plus it seems one merchant has spammed itself with several versions of its site into several top 20 spots on both MSN and Yahoo, good for them I guess. But I’m out.

Really not too confident of their ability to turn a sale, or with me getting the credit. I did find one through CJ, but prefer trying an indie for this, or at least a non-CJ/Linkshare item due to the problems I’ve been experiencing lately. I need to spread my wings more.

Having said that, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on this since my last post. You know this story: Motivated to work on one particular area, yet running around maintaining other issues that pop up. That is what last week has been like. Hopefully this week I’ll make more progress.

Goal: Find a good merchant to work with

Clickin It Rich Work Group – Part 1

I realize in the Clickin’ It Rich eBook that Michael Campbell provides a list of various keyword tools to try, some free and some paid, but yesterday I decided to join NicheTracker because I intend to be as ‘true’ as possible to following the steps in the Clickin’ It Rich package for this Work Group.

I decided that since I’m doing a project here on the blog with someone’s work, I need to follow step by step what they recommend. I don’t have to keep the tools if I decide they’re not what I want – just ask for my refund before the 30 days is up and I’ve lost nothing. But this gives me an opportunity to make better informed decisions about the package and also be exposed to tools I haven’t tried yet. Who knows? Might just find a good fit for myself and a fab tool I can’t live without.

Once I had my account with NicheTracker opened, I followed the Action Plan using Pages 2 – 7 for Michael’s tips on keyword research, and page 19 of his exact formula for using NicheTracker. My focus is to find all that ‘low hanging fruit’ 😆 that I can use to build for Fast Track #1.

The NicheTracker program is extremely simple to use and understand – not complicated at all. I’m pretty impressed so far and am enjoying using it.

Since I don’t have the patience or the talent for keyword research (oh what a weakness I have to work on!!!), I’ve pulled out the Keyword Hotlist that is included as a bonus in the Clickin’ It Rich package. This list has 347 keywords to use as a start that can guide you to profitable search terms. Now I printed this list off and counted them til my eyes crossed – so if I have that number wrong, feel free to correct me! 😆

We all know how vital it is to focus on the most profitable keywords possible. This list is definitely helping me find those words and it starts you off in directions you just never thought of! Well directions I sure didn’t think of. 🙂 The Keyword Hotlist is exactly what I needed to base all my keyword research on. And I mean *all* my research. This list is going to be applied and used for all my web projects, not just this blog’s Work Group project. On the bottom of the third page, there is also a Notes section that I plan on using to add my own keyword research words/terms that I come up with. Now where’s that laminating machine when you need it? 😆

So far I’ve tried approximately two dozen different search terms from the Keyword Hotlist and have placed 124 exciting finds in the Keyword Basket in my NicheTracker account. Really promising finds. The basket holds all of your picks until you’re ready to download them, print them off or email them to yourself.

For now I’m going to continue doing keyword research and play some more with NicheTracker because I’ve really only scratched the surface with this.

If you’d like to try NicheTracker for yourself, click here to get started (remember you can cancel within 30 days for a full refund):


If you still don’t have your copy of the Clickin’ It Rich package and want to try this Work From Home Business Training System and be included in the Work Group project here, get it here before the price goes up:

Clickin It Rich

Tomorrow’s Goal:

Work some more with NicheTracker and pick all the low hanging fruit I can find.

I’ll keep ya posted! 🙂

Clickin It Rich Work Group

I’m a big fan of Michael Campbell’s after I read his ebook Revenge Of The Mininet. This ebook is a ‘step above’ all the affiliate handbooks out there IMO and is geared more towards the intermediate or advanced affiliate. I was able to really pull a lot of useful, workable information and apply it to how I operate online as an affiliate. This isn’t just ‘basic’ info provided – it’s REAL info!

Well Michael sent notice earlier this month that another one of his ebooks Clickin It Rich has just been updated for 2005 and new bonus products have been developed. What does that mean?

Price Increase Alert! 😆

The package is sitting at $49.99 right now because he’s still developing the last two bonus products:

Bonus #5 – Writing a Profitable Newsletter – Coming Soon!

Bonus #6 – Quick & Easy eBook Publishing – Coming Soon!

But he’s increasing the package price when all the bonuses are done (he still has to update his sales page too). And you know – he does increase when he says he will. So I just bought the package this week. Why? Because I grabbed it at the lower price yet I’ll still be able to grab the bonuses when they’re ready. And I didn’t hesitate because my experience with his products and information has always been positive.

I’ve now finished reading through the updated Clickin’ It Rich and the package materials:

Bonus #1 – The new 30 page Action Plan, follow Fast Track #1 and you could be making m0ney online in as little as five hours.

Bonus #2 – Keyword Hotlist – These motivated searchers are looking for immediate solutions to their problems. (Hint: Sell them the solution using Fast Track #1)

Bonus #3 – The Top 25 Markets, a list of the hottest product and service categories for 2005.

Bonus #4 – The original Clickin’ it Rich MP3 audio interview.

Here’s my review:

The Clickin It Rich ebook is at a beginner/intermediate level. If you’ve been involved with Affiliate Marketing for any length of time, you probably don’t need to read the ebook. It is a great piece though for beginners, yet it’s still a nice read for the more advanced. What’s unique about this is that the package as a whole is beneficial to *both* beginner and intermediate level affiliates.

What really made this purchase worthwhile for me were the bonuses:

Bonus #1 – The new 30 page Action Plan, follow Fast Track #1 and you could be making m0ney online in as little as five hours.

Bonus #2 – Keyword Hotlist – These motivated searchers are looking for immediate solutions to their problems. (Hint: Sell them the solution using Fast Track #1)

Bonus #3 – The Top 25 Markets, a list of the hottest product and service categories for 2005.

So what am I going to do with the information? I’m going to follow the first two fast tracks provided in the Action Plan, work with the Keyword Hotlist and post my progress here on the blog as a Work Group.

The first Fast Track involves building pages for Adwords and ppc.

The second Fast Track involves building pages for affiliate products and Adsense combined.

The third track is a Career Building Track that involves more long term development such as SEO, product creation, newsletter building, etc. I won’t be including this track in the case study here.

I think it would be fun if we had a bunch of us working on the package together. So if you have it – great – crack it open and let’s get to work. If you don’t have the package yet, scoop it here and start reading so you’re ready to start the project: Clickin It Rich – 2005 Update

I’ll be posting the stages at I’m at and the progress and results. Since we’re doing a public work group, and yet respecting Michael’s work by not revealing the details – I’ll be making the posts generic but enough info to reveal the progress for readers to track. If you have questions, tips or comments – post them. Please note though that I may have to edit them if I feel the information is too revealing and infringes on Michael’s work. But still post! There’s no problem being detailed in your comments, it’s a quick edit if I need to.

WordPress 1.5 Upgrade

Whew! Finished the initial upgrade from WordPress 1.2 to 1.5 (big thanks to Podz Upgrade Guide for making it easy) and am loving the new tweaks. Had a small problem with the posts showing in both the Categories and the Archives, but that seems to be fixed now. I only spent about 2 hours trying to figure that little problem out!

I’ll be changing the template later – after I get some sleep. But actually this default is quite nice, hmmm I may keep it – after a few mods of course.


Thanks to all those involved with WordPress – great job!

Ask Jeeves Commercials

Continuing on with the tv commercial chat 😆

Ask Jeeves has some new television commercials you can view on their blog:

The ads all feature a regular person seeking everyday information from an expert or icon of some kind. Of course, they don’t get the answer they need because they should’ve gone to the icon with world-class search technology: Jeeves.

Ask Jeeves Commercials

You’ll need quicktime to view them (free download):

QuickTime Download

They’re ‘ok’. I did like William Hung’s spot though.

GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial

I didn’t watch the superbowl this year (actually I never do :lol:), so I didn’t catch the new GoDaddy commercial.

But I just snagged a link to view it online:

GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial

There’s also this site that provides the full version of the GoDaddy commercial, as well as the others that aired:

SuperBowl Ads

Oh brother. I’m sure I’m supposed to be offended or disgusted at the cheap boob display and the ‘wardrobe’ malfunction. But I’m not. I thought it was funny and the oxygen mask moment was priceless. But really – what type of consumer will it be driving to the GoDaddy website? Will they even know what a domain is?

A few articles:

Ad For GoDaddy Too Hot To Handle – MSNBC

GoDaddy Traffic Soars – CNN Money