SpamHuntress Meets Spammer

I introduced you to SpamHuntress earlier this month (SpamHuntress) and now she’s got the attention of Threadwatch: Letter from a Blog Spammer:

Threadwatch member JasonD writes an open letter to a self proclaimed “spam hunter” about why he spams blog comments and what he’s prepared to do about the problems his actions cause for bloggers. (introduction by Nick W)

Well JasonD (a self-proclaimed spammer) hopped over to SpamHuntress’s blog and introduced himself: Admits To Blog Spamming

Finally I want to offer myself as willing, happy and able to work with you in finding a long term answer. Drop me a line and we can have a chat and put a plan of action together.

I think that’s beyond cool – two people on the opposite sides of an issue that may bounce around some solutions.

Two Big Thumbs Up!!! 🙂

FYI: Directories Take Work

Well here’s what I have written on the submit page for Fabarooni:

Submit your web site to just one category (the more accurate according to the content)

Do not capitalize the first letter of every word
Submit top level domain only (*No referral urls or subdomains please)
Websites must be in english
Websites must be developed (Not under construction)
No adult, illegal, gambling or drug related sites please

I’m getting:

Referral links (ummmm A LOT)
Adult/porn links
A mortgage site submitted to every category (including apparel – and DAILY)
Lots of subdomains
Non-english sites
Lots of domains that lead to GoDaddy’s park page
A few sites that have a skeleton site up, but still under construction

This is nuts. So FYI: managing directories isn’t so easy. For every one good submission you get, there are 20 that waste your time. It’s really going to take awhile to build up some good, quality links.

I think I’m going to have to start banning IPs unfortunately, seems to be the same crew that *just don’t understand* the submission instructions.

PS: Feel free to submit your link – I’m happy to link to most anything that fits with the above!

Fabarooni Directory

Affiliate Program – ShareASale

Who isn’t an affiliate of ShareASale yet? Strong, steady network that is affiliate friendly (parasites strictly *not allowed* in the program). I really need to spend more time working with and building around their merchants. They outperformed CJ for me this month (ok so that wasn’t hard to do! :lol:), which is saying something – CJ has approx 20 x more pages than I built for ShareASale.

Give it a whirl if you haven’t already. It really is a nice program.

My Comments Feed Is Working Again

A big shout of thanks to Kafkaesquí for coming up with a plugin to fix a funky problem with the comments feed in WordPress that some of us were experiencing.

Many WordPress users are running afoul of character entities appearing in their comment RSS feeds, which many RSS/syndication readers fail on (also causes Firefox to get a mite testy). This should fix the problem.

You can get the plugin here:


A snap to install and you’re back in business.

Thanks again Kafkaesquí! 😀