Always Something Creative And New

Yup Springwise Newsletter made my shortlist for newsletter subscriptions.

This newsletter is a wonderful monthly reminder that there’s a whole world of ideas and opportunity out there just waiting to be plucked and nurtured.

Farming and T-shirts. Simple (maybe even boring) products, both have been around for ages – yet Skyrockets and blossoms when some creative sparks are added.

Smiled at the Dan Pink reference – heck I just ordered his books! 😆

Lazy Day And A Host Is Toast

All I’m doing is surfing around today. Had a bit of a move earlier for Fabaroo since the host choked on me this week. Cheap hosting – sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! If you’ve been trying to submit but found the site down, all should be well now or soon when the domain resolves for you.

Here are a few cheapies that are so far so good:

CubicHosting $12/year
I’ve been with these guys since last fall and can only recall one hiccup that was quickly fixed. On the ball here. I think this guy *seriously* needs to give me free hosting for life since all I do is send people his way!

ZiggyHost $10/year
I host Fabarooni there (since January) and so far so good.

Deals4Hosting $12/year
I’ve been hosting this blog there since December and I had a wonky issue at the start, but all is good since then.

HostingRevolution $10/year
I’ve been hosting a couple small aff sites here since last summer. Is sluggish inside cPanel at times, but can’t say that I recall any downtime or slow loading issues.

Cheap hosting is great for smaller traffic sites. But it can also bite you in the butt (case in point: Fabaroo host choking). Sure I can load up my hosting accounts that offer unlimited addons, but I like to spread stuff around. For a few reasons, one of them being none of my sites will be experiencing difficulties at the same time.

If you’ve been hosting for awhile, you know there are always upgrades, server slowdowns or an issue or two that pops outta nowhere. Normal difficulties that pop up. If I had all my sites sitting on one server that goes down, I don’t make money that day.

Today I went online book shopping again and ordered two, Free Agent Nation and A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink. I’ve been determined to turn the heat up on my offline reading. I’ve let that fall to dismal levels this past year (maybe even two!) and it’s a shame because I love reading.

Also yesterday I ordered a few books online from the public library on php/mysql. Let’s see if this old dog can learn some new tricks. I’m not all that excited about it because I’m not at all techie brained. Warning: I could be moody for awhile folks. 😆 I’m hesitant, but I do really want to try working this out for myself.

Although I think we can bog ourselves down too much at times trying to be ‘technicians’ and just learning the ‘how to’ stuff rather than actually ‘doing’, I think it’s important at times to just pause, take a look around, read the writing on the wall (spray some graffiti around too lol), and see where you’re lacking and what direction you need to move in.

Right now I’m sitting in a place that doesn’t want to depend on cookie tracking, or adsense, or Google. So that means this dog needs to learn new tricks.

I’ll keep ya posted on how that’s working for me. 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

ETA: Turning comments and pings off, comment spam bots seem to love this post 🙄 – 28/09/06

A Flurry Of Tidbits

Well I pulled an all-nighter and am wrapping things up before I scoot to bed. Lots of news today (actually yesterday I guess :lol:) that I missed posting about, but here’s a rundown on what caught my eye:

Google AdSense in RSS Feeds

Google have developed the technology for putting adsense ads in RSS Feeds. This is the news we’ve all been waiting for as publishers. is one of the first testers of this this new RSS ad system (check the ads out in their RSS feed).

Jensense – Adsense Heat Map

Google’s Adsense Heat Map

Certain locations tend to be more successful than others. This “heat map� illustrates these ideal placements on a sample page layout. The colors fade from dark orange (strongest performance) to light yellow (weakest performance). All other things being equal, ad placements above the fold tend to perform better than those below the fold. Ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page.

Now regardless of whether or not you’re an adsense publisher, what a GREAT resource for all web developers to use. I just pdf’d a copy for myself. 😉

That Was Fast: Google Announces New Image Ad Size Option

Just a day after launching their new AdWords advertising program, Google has already has already announced a new image ad size option.

Yahoo Bolsters Personal Search

New features include search history, the ability to save cached copies of pages, new sharing tools and more.

Microsoft to Introduce PDF competitor ‘Metro’

“Computerworld reports that Microsoft will be including a new document format called ‘Metro’ with Longhorn. Apparently, Metro is intended to be a competitor to Adobe’s PDF and Postscript formats. The format will be open and available for royalty-free licensing, and will be based on XML.

Also sales for my male-focused products have had bigger bites this week. Stuff may be gearing up for Father’s Day now, so I’ve been cleaning up my pages and making sure those links are fresh, good and ready to be clicked. 😆 How bout you? Ready for Father’s Day?

Big Neg Looming Over eBay Mansion Auction

Can you believe it? Seems India’s Prime Minister’s mansion was sold on eBay. For a nice, princely sum (35 million rupees – $802,600). When the american businessman showed up to claim his new eBay purchase, he found out he was punk’d:

Fraudster sells Indian PM’s residence on Net

NEW DELHI –– India’s intelligence department is investigating reports that a fraudster sold an American businessman the prime minister’s residence in the heart of New Delhi recently, a leading daily reported on Sunday.

Found the scoop at Techdirt: Joker Sells Indian Prime Minister’s House On eBay

Now I don’t know about you, but I’d be stroking while cutting a check for over $800k on an eBay purchase.

Google Browser Spotted?

MarketingVox reports:

‘Google 0.X’ Browser Sighted in Log

The manager of SiliconValleyWatcher noticed (via SearchEngineLowdown) the appearance of a Google-branded browser in its server log files. While these user agent listings are relatively easily faked, it may be evidence of the long-rumored and long-denied skunkworks project at Google.

If they do come out with a browser, would you use it? Is it too tin-foil-hat for me to be concerned about the wide net that Google’s throwing around the net?