Link Cloaking Script With &afsrc=1 Tag is offering a free link cloaking script that automatically appends the &afsrc=1 tag at the end, offer found here:

Free Affiliates Link Masker Redirect


Affiliate links that point to an internal URL destination (your server cgi-bin) will allow you to effectively hide some of the banned affiliate URL’s that are commonly removed from the marketing pages by the visitors Anti-AD security programs they have running on their computer.

The Affiliates Link Masker Redirect Control Panel provides you with a password secured login area, click stats and referrer log.

The Affiliates Link Masker Redirect Control Panel will automatically add the ‘&afsrc=1’ append tag that some parasite software agents stipulate must be present if you use a redirect script.

I haven’t had a chance to try this (yet), but it looks to me like this would be for sites that have a limited amount of affiliate links. Seems you add one link at a time in the control panel – so this may not be your answer if you operate large datafeed driven sites.

The &afsrc=1 tag ‘supposedly’ works against parasite applications (affiliate theft/hijacking) that follow the COC (Code Of Compliance) that CJ, BeFree and Performics offer.

Still worth a look for the smaller sites IMO.

Thanks to DesignerWiz for the fab freebie offer!

Free Web Stats

Here’s a new freebie traffic stats program I’m trying:


Web Stats
General: Unique Visitors, Sessions, Page Views, Hourly and Weekday Distribution, Robot Page Views, Average Pview/Visitor, Average UVisitor/Day, Average PView/Day, Average UVisitor/Hour, Average PView/Hour
Referrers: Grouped by domain with full URLS, search engine keywords and more…
Countries: Determined using direct IP to country conversion instead of inaccurate inverse lookup method
Pages: Individual page hits and average time spent on each page
Robots: Hits of a certain page by a certain Robot
Browsers: Most known browsers with full user-agent strings

See the demo here:

Stats Demo

It’s php / mysql and wow! very feature rich and slick to set up.

Still testing this but so far so good. I’m pretty impressed!

Free Link Buying Guide

Patrick Gavin from Text Link Ads Inc. has prepared a nice *free* pdf guide to buying text link ads. It’s not only useful to those interested in buying text links though, it’s a great read on link building, the importance of anchor text and Google PR factors to consider.

Patrick talks about the value of links versus the ‘Content Is King’ theory. What onpage factors you need, but also discusses the value of offpage factors. Volume of links vs. Quality of links, etc. I read it in a few minutes and found the information useful.

Grab your free copy here (pdf file):

Link Buying Guide

Run Multiple IEs On The Same Computer

I’m having one heck of a time with a new affiliate site I’ve been working on. Everything was fine then WHAMMO! something’s wonky with the design. I made a few tweaks – and since everything looked fine, I just carried on. Now I can’t figure out what changes I made and it really displays horribly in the older IE browser. It looks fine in my browsers (IE 6.0 + Firefox + Netscape), but when I’m at work – it’s funk-y! Well the browser at work is an older IE version.

I’ve been hunting around today with the intention of finding an older version of IE to install and use on my computer so I can stress test my new sites before making them live. Here’s some fab stuff I found:

Multiple IEs in Windows – Insert Title Labs

Multiple Versions Of IE –

Insert Title Labs shows you how to download and run various older versions of IE *on the same computer*. Sweet! But Skyzyx takes it one step further – it provides the actually files/fixes so you just have to download the version you’d like and run it from the folder. Even sweeter!

I’ve downloaded the oldies and yup – works just fine for me.

What a great resource!

If you’re going to use the files from Skyzyx – please remember to be kind and download from the mirror sites, help this guy save on bandwidth.

So no more excuses for me, I have the tools I need to check various versions of the IE browser.

Adding RSS Feeds To Your Website

Wow if you’ve ever wanted to try adding rss to your site, Carp is the way to go!

Carp – Free Download

I played with it a bit yesterday and couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up. I’ve added it to one content site and will be adding it to another right away.

The instructions are very easy to follow and you’ll need 5 minutes to get this going. You can choose whatever feed you’d like to display, this helps you provide relevant content to your site’s theme.

The purpose of adding rss feeds to your website is to provide your visitors fresh, updated content when visiting your site. You can set it to update every minute or every 24 hrs, very flexible. Since it can slow your site’s load time if you have the feeds updating too quickly, I chose to update every 12 hours.

Now every time Google, Yahoo and all the spiders come to visit my site, they’ll find new content. It will make those spiders want to come back for more! ๐Ÿ˜†

Have fun with this – it’s a big two thumbs up.