TiddlyWiki – Create Your Own Information Storage & Retrieval Center

I’ve tried plenty of things to keep my notes and resources organized, searchable and right at my finger tips:

Blog software
Forum software
Note Pad
Personal Wiki Software
Email Storage

Those are just off the top of my head, I’m sure I’ve tried a few more. They all lacked in some way. Too complicated. Search function not the best. Too messy. Too clunky. Was online (privacy concerns). Server based. Lots of time installing software and scripts, tweaking settings, transferring notes, yada yada.

But wow! I finally found a solution that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for:


Everything’s saved in one file (.html).
No software, database or server installations.
Clickable urls.
Search function actually works great.
So easy to add, organize and *find* your notes.
Free (wahooo).
Learning curve not that steep.
Portable – stick it on a USB stick and off you go.
Can be online or offline (I prefer offline). Or have one for both!

It’s fantastic!

One thing about working online and keeping on top of what’s going on is the incredible amount of information available. How to store it in a clean, super-functional and easy to find and retrieve manner was a super trick for me to work out.

I’m still playing with it and learning more tricks, but I absolutely love this thing and am thrilled to bits with how easy it is for me to save and retrieve notes and information now. And I’m happy I don’t have to login anywhere or host this online. Privacy and peepin eyes was a big factor for me–let’s face it, anything you have online is not guaranteed to be 100% private. Even your webhost can dig through and see your stuff–password protected or not.

Give it a shot and see if this will help you too: TiddlyWiki

I’ve uploaded an example Webmaster Control Center so you can see what I’m talking about: *removed

More reading:

TiddlyWiki Explained
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*allows users to save their content (their tiddlers) on the server in a database (if you prefer)
*a hosted non-linear personal/public/collaborative micro-content wiki/blog based on TiddlyWiki.
TiddlyWiki Tips
GTD TiddlyWiki
*GTD Tiddly Wiki is to give users a single repository for their GTD lists and support materials so they can create/edit lists, and then print directly to 3×5 cards for use with the HipsterPDA.
TiddlyForge plugin repository
TiddlyWikiRequests – Google Group
TiddlyWikiDev – Google Group
TiddlyWiki – Google Group
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StyleSheet Repository

I don’t want to tell you how much time I’ve spent playing with this thing :P. But all my notes are transferred over into one place (finally) and I’ll finish up the rest this week. I did a lot of tweaking, but I think I finally have it where I want it now.

I hope this helps you too!

Tools For Being Organized

TaskFreak! is a simple but efficient web based task manager written in PHP

Perl/CGI Email Reminders

*Great script for email reminders!

PS Hot Launch VVL
PS Hot Launch VVL is meant to quickly run different applications, open documents, go to the right folders and web pages, send mail to a specified address, etc. The above operations are carried out through the menu that can be called by clicking the program icon in the taskbar system tray.

FreeMind – free mind mapping software

KnowledgeTreeâ„¢ Document Management System (DMS).
KnowledgeTreeâ„¢ is a web-based and feature-rich open source Document Management System (DMS).

With EverNote® 1.1 you can easily store and quickly access typed and handwritten memos, webpage excerpts, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords, brainstorms, sketches, documents and more!

MoinMoin Wiki
Keep notes in your own personal wiki

*Wow! See my example: *removed

PHP Code Snippet Library
Store all your code snippets organized in one easy to access place.

TreePadâ„¢ is an award-winning Personal Information Manager, Organizer, Database, and Word Processor.


Personal: Rolling my own paper-based time management system

Freebies & Fun

Nifty Corners Cube

CSS Rounded Box Generator

Layout Gala: 40 CSS Downloadable Layouts

Color Tool

Color Combos

HTML Color Code Combination Chooser

Dragon Labs Ultimate Tabbed Menu

Expandable Content Script

BigBold Code Snippets

PDF Online

Free Online RSS, Atom or OPML to PDF Generator

Free fonts

25 Best Free Quality Fonts

Personalized web 2.0 home page

Box.net – Free Online Storage

Writely – The Web Word Processor

* free online service converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly

Hosted online personal wiki


Create your own free social apps

Arctic Issue Tracker
Free for one project only, but can be a good tool to track what you’re doing online

Google Tools

The Big Page Of Free Webmaster Tools

Simple OCR

Online Signature Maker

DynamicDrive FavIcon Maker

Lorem Ipsum Generator

This free online service converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly

Online Image Splitter

Image Optimizer

Lazybase – Share Databases

Prototype JavaScript Windows
*Way cool!


*Mouse & Keyboard Macro Program

Dynamic Favicons

PureText 2.0
*pasted text will be pure and free from all formatting

Desktop Backgrounds for Designers

*Amanda open source backup and recovery software

XML Sitemap Generator

free D*I*Y Planner kits

How To Trade Words For Traffic – Free Report

I’ve uploaded a good read for you:

Viral Copy – Trading Words For Traffic

Quick recap: it outlines various techniques to gain inbound links, the importance of links, some net back stories and blogging info.

It’s not enough anymore to just get people talking…they need to be linking. It’s more important these days that they spell your URL right, rather than your name.

The report is pretty refreshing. It’s quite informative. Well done. Easy to read. Great format.

And doesn’t try to sell the pants off you. Imagine that ;).


PS: Thanks to Brian Clark (CopyBlogger.com) for providing the report.

Freebie Finds

I’d say a great first post for 2006 on SuperAff would be some freebies!

Here’s the latest round of freebies I’ve found. As usual – some I’ve tried and some I haven’t. Maybe you’ll find one or two useful things for yourself ;).

Icon Buffet
Once a month, IconBuffet will deliver a free collection of stock icons (a Free Delivery) to your IconBuffet account. These special icons are royalty-free for both commercial and personal use.

PS Hot Launch VVL
Free Version Screen Cap
This little app keeps things nice, neat, organized and your favorite or most used computer applications at your fingertips. Slick & Easy – just as I like them.

Everest Dictionary version 3.10
Everest Dictionary is a free dictionary. There are 37 dictionary databases available at this moment.

KnowledgeTreeâ„¢ Document Management System
Web-based, feature-rich, and open source. This is enterprise knowledge management with no price tag.

AI RoboForm 4.6.8 (last uncrippled freeware version)
I do recommend purchasing the full, current version of Roboform – but if that’s not possible right now for whatever reason, you can try this last uncrippled freeware version. Not as feature rich as the current version though.

Free Stock Photos
Big List!

Qliner hotkeys
Hotkeys builds on the concept of Windows shortcut keys but takes this concept to a whole new level. Do you think key combinations are hard to remember? Just hold the Windows key for three seconds and up pops a Onscreen Keyboard with icons on the keys that are configured. This you can you use, not only to remind you of hotkey combinations, but also for Drag and Drop Configuration.

Gives you the opportunity to “try out” some of the best php/mysql based free and open source software systems in the world.

Screenshot Captor
Program for taking screenshots on your computer. It’s different from other screenshot utilities in several notable ways.

Free mind mapping software

GMail Drive shell extension
A Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google Gmail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium.


Easily Install PHP, MySQL, Apache & More On Your Computer

Although I love playing with scripts and installing new programs to try, any attempts I’ve made to get a server installed with MySQL and PHP on my computer have generated the same outcome every time.

I Blink


And Then I Blink Again

Then a mass delete spree. I’m just not that techy and trying to get those beasts running on my computer is way over my head. But here’s a lifesaver, and if I can do it – anyone can!


WAMP5 installs automatically Apache 1.3.31, PHP5, MySQL database, PHPmyadmin and SQLitemanager on your computer. It’s principal aim is to allow you to easily discover the new version of PHP : PHP5. WAMP5 comes with a service manager installed as a tray icon. It allows you to manage WAMP5 and access all services.

And it’s FREE!

(Requires Windows XP or Windows 2000)

That’s not all. I found this easy to follow tutorial for installing Wamp:

Urban Giraffe

The tutorial starts with the Wamp installation and ends with a running copy of WordPress on your computer.

The installation didn’t run perfectly smooth for me. I had to uninstall and re-install a few times, but now I’m fully loaded. For me the problem was allowing Wamp to run at startup. Why that caused grief – who knows :lol:. But on my last install I chose not to configure it to run at startup and it’s smooth sailing for me.

I have big plans to use my computer blog for organizing notes, projects and snips I want to keep handy. Plus testing new scripts and template designs and site tweaks without having to make a mess of stuff online. This is a *very good thing*.

The only concern I have is how secure this is. Can someone access this online somehow? Programs and files (including phpmyadmin) are installed in the root www folder, and I understand that to be accessible from outside (if someone knows where to look). It may involve some tweaking, but I’m still digging around for answers.