New Microsoft PPC In The Works?

Great article, seems Microsoft is hiring (dust off those resumes people):

Kenexa, a Wayne, PA, employment recruiter, last month posted job vacancies on, and, seeking paid search specialists for Microsoft. A Kenexa recruiter confirmed yesterday that he is recruiting for jobs at MSN for pay-per-click account executives, marketing analysts and marketing specialists

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This could mean that MSN has plans for giving Google some ppc competition.

Competition is a good thing – great news for us affiliates!

Let’s hope they do a GREAT job in deterring click fraud.

New Aff Site – GF

I launched this site at the same time as my other newest one – LG. This is more geared to Spring/Summer activities and I wasn’t really expecting anything to happen now. But with Christmas just behind us, I thought maybe some shoppers would be out there looking for this.

You never know who didn’t get just what they were hoping for, or who’s looking to accessorize what they just got.

This site is near pathetic, hasn’t even been sniffed at by Google or any of the spiders. I’ve been running it on ppc (Google Adwords) since the end of December and I’ve had less then 10 clicks. No sales yet. The ppc prices are steep-ish so that’s a good sign.

But there is lots of movement around the site, still a one page wonder or two, but the small amount of visitors I have had seem to be clicking around. That’s a good sign.

I’ll keep this running on adwords for a little while yet and see what happens.

Wish those darn spiders would find it already! ๐Ÿ˜†

New Affiliate Site – LG

Right after Christmas I whipped up a new affiliate site selling accessories for a big ticket item. I figured why not see if there are any buyers out there right after the holidays?

Here are my stats so far:

148 clicks from ppc (Google Adwords)

6 sales

This is a great little performer for me! However the average commission so far is between $4 and $5, I was hoping it would be twice that amount. We’ll see if I can achieve some bigger sales in there to boost my average commission.

Since I’m still trying to find my way through using datafeeds and database driven sites, this is all straight html and static pages. Yes, some people still hand build their links! ๐Ÿ˜† But I’m learning.

I’m very pleased so far and a bit surprised that it did so well right after Christmas (I started advertising on the 27th of December). I’m not running at a profit yet, still playing with my minimum ppc bids. So far I’m at a $15 loss. The past 5 or 6 days has seen a real drop so maybe I just caught the tail end of the hot season for this type of product? Or the week is just slow for sales in general.

We’ll see if I can turn this around into a nice little profit site.

One thing to note is that there ARE buyers right after Christmas. Just have to find niches that would accomodate what they’re looking for at this time of year.

Free Offer – Blogs To Riches

Jim Kukral, the author of the popular “Blogs To Riches”, has an offer available if you’re interested in receiving a free copy of his ebook.

As of today, I’m giving away my ebook ($25.99 value) to anyone who wants it, with only a small catch. To get your free PDF copy of my book, *I just ask that you add this blog (Blogkits – Building Blog Relationships) to your very own blog’s favorite links, or blogroll, for a minimum of 45 days.

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