New Clickbank eBook Directory

This is a program I haven’t seen before – it’s a very nice searchable directory for Clickbank products. I’ve added an ebook store here so you can check it out:

SuperAff’s eBook Store. It’s very clean, not littered with ads and it’s fast. One thing to remember is to update the store every few weeks so that the products are up to date.

Best yet: It’s Free!


Script was easy to set up and you can edit the header and footer files to display what you’d like.

I have some more playing to do with this yet.

Thanks to PHP Freebies for the excellent script.

Now I just need some traffic to the eBook Store and some sales!


Moving Hosts – WordPress

I’m just in the midst of moving this blog from one host to another and testing the move. The original host I used was excellent as always, but I’d like this blog hosted seperate from my other sites.

So far so good!

btw here’s a nice page outlining the steps to backup and restore WordPress (applies when switching hosts too).

WordPress Backup Restore Help

New Freebie: SEO Inc Toolbar Lite

Seems like a handy tool,

The SEO Inc ToolBar Lite drop down list allows you to choose from 9 search engines when doing a keyword search, eliminating the need for any other search bar!

States there is no hidden spyware, bundled freeware nor collects data. I haven’t downloaded it yet to test and try (just found it today), but seems like a great all-in-one SEO tool.

If that site has been indexed by DMOZ, and in what category.
How many pages for that site have been indexed by Google.
(one more click shows you which pages those are)

Search the number of inbound links to the site.
number of inbound links to the site indexed by Google
number of inbound links to the site indexed by MSN
number of inbound links to the site indexed by Yahoo
number of inbound links to the site indexed by AOL

Since it’s called ‘Lite’, I suspect this will go shareware or paid software at some point. I’m grabbing the freebie while I can! πŸ˜†

You can download it here:

SEO Inc. Toolbar

Bill Clinton, Chinese Government, And Search Engines

Former president Bill Clinton on Monday helped launch a new Internet search company backed by the Chinese government which says its technology uses artificial intelligence to produce better results than Google Inc.

Read Rest Of Article Here

Hey I like this Accoona Engine!! Search result #6 for a key phrase of mine on one aff site. This same aff site does well in Yahoo and MSN (top ten for both).

Accoona takes its name from the Swahili phrase, “accoona matata,” for “no worries,” popularized by Disney’s film, “The Lion King.”

Well this engine seems to have some high profile people involved, will be interesting to watch.

New Free Tool – PR Transfer Value

Wow this tool is new to me, and I think I’ll sneak it onto my bookmark page for steady use.

Use this tool to estimate the value of page rank (pr) that any page on the internet will transfer to a link on that page. We believe that the search engines use a more or less similar formula.

Biz Whiz PR Checker

Although I don’t want to get too selective in terms of soliciting inbound links, I will use this solely for link exchanges (where I intend to get quite picky). It will also be great to see which directories will perform best. I’ll keep in mind that this tool provides an estimate only, but I’m curious to see what I’ve been working with.

Run a few of your domains through this freebie tool, then

We have a lot of work to do.


Tips To Submitting To Directories

My goal is to submit my sites to directories or link exchanges at least once a week, so I’ve been at it again. I found a few new ones to try and I’ll post those a bit later.

Here’s what I look for when digging for inbound links:

The link to my site must be a pure text link, no scripts at all. Some directories or link exchanges hide this with javascript, so right click on a link already displayed on the page you’re submitting to, then check the Properties. If the link is pure (http://domainname.come), then it’s more than likely a good link.

The page my site is going to be displayed on has to have some Google PR. I’ll bend this rule if the category is newish or not filled with links or if the main page has good PR. I’ll also dig around in the page source to see if there’s a block robots command in there. There’s a reason why there’s no PR displayed and unless the site or page is new, someone’s probably blocking the spiders somewhere. This trick is normally done with link exchanges or sites requiring a link back. Don’t bother – if the page your link will be listed on won’t be spidered, it won’t do you a dang bit of good. But they’ll get a nice boost from your link. Shady dealings huh. Chances are though if there is PR displayed – no spiders are being blocked. They wouldn’t get PR if it was.

I don’t usually start submitting my sites hardcore until I have some PR displayed on the site. Too many directories and link exchanges won’t accept your site because it displays a 0 PR. They don’t know if it’s because your domain is banned by Google, penalized or what. So they won’t link to it.

A few directories or search engines are willing to link to 0PR sites and I’ve had good luck with:

Jayde Directory
Search Sight

The links may be scripted, but they do bring some spiders to your new site. I’ve had good luck with these.

I know there are affiliates and webmasters that run their own mini networks and don’t worry too much about running out to fetch inbound links. I do think though that it’s important to have as many different domains and Class C IP Ranges linking to you as possible. A good mix can’t hurt.