Tracking Hot Keywords For New Blog Subscriptions

Mark over @ 45n5 talks about geotargeting ads and keyword tracking for sales to best optimize your blog and fine tune it for sales. While I was writing a comment to his post, I realized this is actually too large and better suited for a blog post–so here it is.


  • Do you know what keywords are converting blog subs for you?

Sales aren’t the whole shebang, subs are good gravy too (and depending on the type of site–Subs hold *more* long term value than hit-and-run-sales IMO). So which of your blog pages draw more subs? And which keywords are the “omg-sign-me-up-now!” eyeballs finding your blog with?

It’s easier to twig into what topics/content draw links and inbounds, you don’t need any special analytics tools to track that. But what about subscribers?

I have some pretty heavy traffic pages–and popular too. But they’re not big subscriber/converters. Some link love, some stumbles, it’s all good. I also have small traffic count pages that go unnoticed (link love) yet I discovered they are subscriber gold mines and I make sure those get some attention so they rise and hold their spot in the SERPs.

What twigged me onto this was keeping a close eye on my subscriber counts. I find email sub counts easier (more stable) to monitor, so I work with those numbers. If my blog averages between 10 and 20 new *email* subs a day–I keep on trucking. When I hit 20+, 30+ and 40+ a day, that’s when my bloggy senses start to tingle and I want to know WHY.

Things to note:

  • There is no new stumble/delicious/social bookmarking action going on
  • There isn’t a new juicy inbound possibly sending the converters
  • Search traffic counts are within normal range

So when you discount each of those things as being a reason for the jump in blog subscribers, how can you pinpoint where these new subscribers are coming from and why? This had me scratching my noggin for a bit, but the secret: It’s in the keywords.

Analytics is cool, groovy stuff that I’m delving more into right now, but I’m not that sophisticated with implementation yet. For one thing, every analytics option that’s 3rd party hosted isn’t allowed on any of my sites and blogs (why hand over all my juicy secrets to competitors? Free? Ha!). And I’m not a coder. Double whammy.

But I have found a works-for-now option: Bot Tracker (WordPress plugin). You can use it to monitor which pages the search engines are crawling and all that jazz, but you can also watch which pages are hot spots in the SERPs for any given day. Drill down a bit and you’ll see which keywords are being used to find those pages.

When you discover the keywords and content that best converts to new subscribers, it’s easy to write more of that juicy subscriber-bait, as well as make sure what you already have floats to the top of the serps and is more easily found by searchers.


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10 thoughts to “Tracking Hot Keywords For New Blog Subscriptions”

  1. indeed subs are some good gravy

    I can see/get bunches of data of people that click my rss button using analytics but nothing about whether they subscribe or not after that action.

  2. I must admit that one of the things I like about Word Press is that the community produces so many helpful widgets… you have shed a spotlight on this one. Thanks for this post.

  3. This is definitely a good blog… I think I might blog about it in my blog! (I’m new so don’t expect a huge traffic boost) but I’m bookmarking this site.

  4. I understand what you mean, but Analytics is run by Google – they are not your competitors in most cases. If they are your competitors I’d say you’ve already lost.

  5. Hi,

    I recently tried earning some green on Google ad words but kind of lost money. I think You guys here could help started somehow. Appreciate it very much


  6. Great blog. I hope to pick up some more good ideas to use in my ventures with affiliate marketing.

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