Cleaning Up Your WordPress Blog

Remember back in the day WordPress came with a “wp-images” folder? Well I still had that plus a lot more crap in the folders here on SuperAff. Uploading a fresh new theme motivated me to clean up the loose files, remove old forgotten folders as well as do a complete fresh install of WordPress itself.

I found a bunch of files loose in the root domain (wth was I thinking?) and some stuff scattered throughout that just needed better organization. Moving files can cause problems for old posts though, anyone who’s bookmarked that post or new to reading it will find the file MIA. It’s simple to fix:

  • Just do a search for the filename (ie. “smilie.jpg”) and edit the post to the new file location. You can do this right in WordPress admin area (under Manage) or use the blog’s search box. I didn’t have much post editing to do (makes me wonder what the heck I have those files uploaded for), but if your job is a big one you may prefer doing a database search and replace.

If the search doesn’t come up with any posts using that file, chances are it was something to do with an old theme and can safely be removed from the server completely.

I do have more plans for SuperAff, I don’t blog much here but I am fond of the place. Time to treat it a little better ;). I’ll be adding a few new sections, maybe do something a little different with all the resources, tools and bookmarks, as well as switch up the categories I blog under and a few other ideas. It will take some time though, I have other places that require top priority, but I’m looking forward to updating things around here. I won’t be announcing each improvement or change or removal or update, so if you come across something new the next time you’re visiting, you’ll know why.

I’ll also be monetizing SuperAff a bit. Buying the new theme and realizing that I couldn’t justify the cost for an exclusive theme (that was affordable and reasonably priced) is so wrong for a blog that’s three years old. I won’t be going crazy or interrupting your feed reading constantly with the “latest and greatest must have deals”, so no worries.


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  1. Well Terry, after reading through some of your posts I discovered two things-

    1. You’re female. More power to you. đŸ™‚

    2. We share ideals as far as affiliate marketing is concerned.

    I’m still trying to figure out where you stand in regard to your goals, but I’ll just have to keep reading.

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