Googlebot Kickin

This landed in my inbox, thought it was interesting – Googlebot Just Got The Boot:

Having been defamed by Google, along with many other bloggers, gave me an opportunity to reevaluate my relationship with big G. I have decided to see how will this blog survive on its own- without Google. So I have instructed Googlebot to stay way from this blog. But I also have requested to remove my entire website from Google’s index via Google Webmaster Tools (formerly know as Google Sitemaps).

Not only has he removed his site and blocked it from Google, but I don’t see any Adsense code on the pages either. Goog’s not getting fatter off this blogger (Vlad). Is he feeding data to the data hungry Goog with Analytics? Dunno, but so far I’m impressed. It’s one thing to complain about Google, but it’s a whole ‘nuther thing to actually “respond in a meaningful way” to a business that you feel has crossed the line. Otherwise it’s just hollow talk (IMO).

One thing that confuses me is the remark “having been defamed by Google”. I don’t follow that logic and don’t get how Goog’s defaming anybody thru the visual pagerank displayed on their toolbar. Anyone who judges a website or blog on what number Google chooses to display in the toolbar has a serious case of brainwashing to undo. But whatevs, it’s just a small quibble.

My prediction: It’s hard to know whether this is a serious attempt to break free from goog’s hungry clutches, or if it’s linkbait. It may be a bit of both–nothing wrong with that. Whatever happens, I think this will be interesting to watch. Maybe this will be the start of a new game in town: Googlebot Kickin. Now THAT would be hilarious, lol.


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6 thoughts to “Googlebot Kickin”

  1. It may be a good link-bait, but it definitely will serve no purpose when it comes to Google. 😉 It is not so difficult to see my robots.txt file.

    I will be posting updates. I predict that the site will be off Google’s index in two or three days. Thanks for giving it some exposure.

  2. Brainwashing indeed. Some people are too uptight. 🙂

    Just started reading; good stuff. I’m going to go through some of the older posts now.. take care. bye bye then.


  3. The Google monopoly is so deeply entrenched at this point that peeving the Googleship off more probably will have limited effect if you want to keep growing with visitors, etc. I know five people just off the top of my head who, if they do a search for something online, if it doesn’t come up on the first page of Google they think the thing DOESN’T EXIST. That’s how deeply people have been drinking the Google Koolade. Sucks.

    To have one company control how the world thinks, finds products, and parses information is really pretty scary.


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