Is It Really Just $10 To Own A Website Domain?

If you’re developing a website with the intent of being live and thriving for several years to come (meaning legit, value driven content), chances are you’re going to be using a domain name that will have to be branded. You’ll want people to know your domain.

Once you get into the “heads” of your visitors, you’ll start seeing “superaff” and “” and “Super Aff” keywords used in search engine stats to find your website. The higher the count, the better the branding job you’re doing (IMO–and that’s just one hint).

But what about those that remember you as “Superaffs” or “SupersAff”? They’re new, you made an impression, your site stuck, but not perfectly. Are you losing traffic to those type-ins (ie.

I’ve been buying a couple/few logical variations of my important domain names that I think people would legitimately recall incorrectly, confusing the actual name (plurals mainly). What was about $10 for a website domain, the cost just shot to $20, $30 or even $40 dollars a year. But that’s super cheap visitor retention IMO, and better you have it than some squatter.

Also consider the parasites that run out and use your “brand” on blogger,, etc. (like It’s happened to me and initially was peeved, but the good news for that scenario is if they work on building a great site to feed off your “brand”, the first place people usually go to (type-in) is the .com, so you’ll feed off the parasite’s efforts more than they’ll benefit from yours ;). Knowing this happens, you may want to consider running out and grabbing all the big free subdomains too (and develop them a bit so they don’t get deleted). Lotsa work.


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3 thoughts to “Is It Really Just $10 To Own A Website Domain?”

  1. I think it’s defiantly worth it! Only trouble is that you will probably want more than one. My advice is to look around for special offer codes on godaddy, there are loads floating around!

    Brauch provides some pretty good advice on choosing a domain name, I’d check it out!

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