Halloween Guerrilla Marketing

Halloween Pumpkin CandlesDozens (hundreds) of kids will be lining up on your doorstep tonight. And on the doorsteps of your friends, co-workers and extended family members.

Picture This: Slips of paper, labels, stickers or printable business cards tucked into treat bags. Halloween Puzzles, Word Finds, Coloring Pages. Colorful, eyecatching for kids and parents. Whatever is used as a bag stuffer, printed somewhere is: “Happy Halloween from www.SuperAff.com“.

Preparation For Next Year: Scope out the massive haunted house exhibits in your area tonight. Note their addresses. About a month before next Halloween, approach them and ask if you can sponsor the exhibit in some way in exchange for your website business cards (or Halloween flyer, etc.) inserted in the treat bags they give away that night. They have *ridiculous amounts* of traffic every year.


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2 thoughts to “Halloween Guerrilla Marketing”

  1. I don’t want to be negative but I’m not too sure the idea is going to work on wrappers etc.

    But i can see that if you own a topy shot and give out £2 off if you spend £20 vouchers it creates some interesting pressure on parents.

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