You’re Not Creating New Attention, You’re Stealing It

Ok maybe ‘Stealing’ is kinda harsh, but you’re definitely taking it from somewhere. When trying to come up with ways to develop hooky content and sites, it’s helpful to realize that you’re not pulling traffic and attention out of thin air. You’re actually trying to take someone’s attention from one website and directing it to your website.

Web surfers have a finite amount of time on the web:

Web Surfers Attention

What you’re trying to do is squeeze your site into their web surfing time:

Web Surfers Attention Including Your Site

What can you do on your websites that will seduce a visitor into shaving off the time they spend elsewhere and direct that time and attention to yours?

When I look at my stats and see thousands of visitors reaching a page they found in a search engine, I know there’s a website or two that I took that traffic from. The better my page is–the higher the chance that searcher stopped digging through the SERPs and stuck to my site.

When I see blog subscriptions rising and email subscriptions growing–I know that visitors will be returning to my website and spending less time on another.

Every time a page of mine is Stumbled, I just raised the bar for competitors to compete with.

That’s what being hooky is all about. Stealing, attracting and retaining attention.


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2 thoughts to “You’re Not Creating New Attention, You’re Stealing It”

  1. If only the blue section really were one of my sites, right?

    Thanks for the insight, Terry. Nice blog.

  2. i also write original pieces and people really do not care .they just use your ideas .

    ideas when great will always be copied .

    i see ie happen all the .

    this is what i will comment.

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