Hey, Is Two Years In Your Plan?

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I think the quick cash methods, the building for serps plan, the MFA sites, the thin affiliate sites…they can be good starts for the beginner because there are plenty of net-life-lessons involved. Examples:

Serps crashes
Adsense clicks dropping in value
Click rate drops (ad blindness)
Adwords costs getting pricier/more competitive
Duplicate content burns
Crappy converting merchants
Burns from the all-eggs-in-one-basket thing

I also think the idea of building a million dollar website can be poo-poo’d by those who haven’t built their net muscles up a bit. But if you keep at it long enough–at some point, you do learn the lessons the quickies above have to offer you. And from the people getting rich off of selling the it’s-so-easy-dream to you.

When you get to the point that you can’t ignore those lessons, one of two things will happen. You either walk away from it all–discouraged–or you turn your attention to higher ground. And you realize the experiences you gained just might provide you with enough talent/knowledge/assets to really build something special.

Is it too late to start building a full time income online? (bolding mine)

Many people feel that all the good ideas are taken or that they are earning just a fraction of what is needed to make a full time income online and it is natural to look inwards at times and question your own commitment and ability to come out the other side of a long road, and it is a long road. Granted there are large success stories that have surged in a short period of time but aside from them, the majority of webmasters should be prepared for a 12-24 month investment before seeing good financial rewards from their website or blog.

This year continues to be strong for me. Key focus points of mine: Patience, Consistency, Focus, Discipline. I’m not even thinking about cash right now. The driving force is all about creating net spaces that visitors want to return to, find value in and talk about. Thankfully, I have a little bit of thin stuff from my beginner days that still churn & are funding the adventure ;).


Eeeps, forgot to include: Is Your Site Defensible? A 10 Point Quiz

  • 1-3 yes’s: You’re fucked. Probably better and easier to start a new Web site that has a more defensible idea behind it than to fix the old site. In the meantime the old site can sit as an (indefensible) passive revenue stream. (It may also be a good candidate to unload at Sitepoint.)
  • 4-6 yes’s: Your site is like most quality Web sites–you have some defensible traits, but still a Google penalty and Adsense booting (or equivalent) would likely cut your earnings by a very high percentage. Even most quality Web sites are fairly vulnerable.
  • 7-10 yes’s: Congratulations, you don’t just have a Web site, you have a real, saleable business.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

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