Bookmarks & Freebies Roundup Plus Updates


System Information for Windows
WP Plugin: Preview Site Themes Privately
WP Plugin: Feedburner Feed Stats
3 more GTD wallpapers! *Nice!
Download a …coffee replacement, really! *I’m scared to try it lol! Added
PPC Keyword Generator *Software
101 Essential Freelancing Resources *Tools, lots, don’t get lost 😉
Urban Fonts *Added
Turn Any Site’s RSS Feed into an Email
R|mail subscription widget

Good Stuff:

Free Chapter From Professional SEO With PHP!
The Article Marketing Experiment ($400/month with Clickbank)
One Way Inbound PR 9 Links For FREE
How to Make Money with Domains – Essential Resources for Beginners
A Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon: How to Build Massive Traffic to Your Website and Monetize it.
Paid Forum Posting – Worth it?
Positive and Negative Quality Ranking Factors from Google’s Blog Search (Patent Application)
Being Scraped? Here is Something You Can Do
The Ultimate WordPress Htaccess File?
Organize your pdf library with itunes

Pages Updated

Something I’ve wanted to do for awhile and finally got through tonight–I checked the links on the Affiliate Marketing Blogs page and cleaned out the links from blogs that are no longer online or updating. If I’ve removed your blog, it’s probably because it was offline when I checked. Just shoot me a note (with your url) and I’ll re-add it.

The page has a nice mix of blogs I think, everything from more chat based and newbie info to more advanced. However, I think it’s a little bare. If you have an affiliate marketing blog, let me know and I’ll check it out. I’m not interested in Internet Marketing blogs or blogs that mainly review or push products–just affiliate marketing please.

I’ve also updated and cleaned out the Webmaster Tools page. If you haven’t visited it in awhile, you may want to when you have some time. I’ve been reacquainted with some cool tools I forgot about while double checking the list ;).

A few graphics resources were added to the Freelance & Outsourcing page. It’s pretty bare too and if you have a service to offer, let me know.

Whew! All done, till next time ;).

ETA: Forgot to mention the forums were picked through as well and all the domains that were dead or hanging have been removed.


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