Write For The Linkers & The Stumblers

Where niches are heavily networked and the circle is so tight it’s like some secret coven of witches–run the other way! Disclaimer: I’m not slamming witches! It eats so much time for such weak results.

When I ran across one blog post that went something like:

It breaks my heart to see Bloggers Larry, Mo & Curly no longer talking to the rest of us. Our emails go unanswered, our IMs go unanswered, they no longer come over to comment and it hurts! Hurts I tell you! Why can’t we all get along? It’s all because some of us embraced a new blogger and started being friendly with her and helping her out a bit and working with her. That’s all I can think of! Why, why I ask, is that so wrong? Sob! I miss my friends! :heart: bff

These were adults, not 8th graders.


Pretty much right then and there I knew I was barking up the wrong tree. Big time. True–not all niches operate that way. And true–I definitely DO NOT fit into that kind of sappy environment so I would have been miserable anyway. No patience for it. No sir-ee Bobby!

Before I read that I spent a lot of time commenting on blogs initially, then linking out to those I was hoping to build relationships with. Out of I don’t know how many several dozens of outbound links, only *one* blogger hung out for comments and sent me a link. I realized there had to be an easier way because what I was trying to build just wasn’t working.

So I shut ‘er down. No more links to their blogs, no more comments. In fact I unsubscribed from the whole kit n’ kaboodle in bloglines and moved on. I started wooing a different crowd. A much bigger, more successful crowd. And struck gold.

Avoid (*):

The blogs in the blog networks. In my experience–they just don’t link out unless there’s something in it for them (unless of course the blog is all about what’s out there on the web). Watch the outbounds and you’ll see there’s a pattern, at least for the majority of links.

Niches that seems to have blog friendships or relationships going on. Gangs. For example: I’m seeing that a lot in the mommy blog arena. There are tupperware rings, knitting rings, sahm rings, and that sort of thing. Tough to break into.

*Of course there are exceptions. Study your niche.


Find, Watch & Stalk: the blogs that link out and link out steadily. At least daily. They’re typically successful & big traffic blogs (like boingboing for example). And they all have a spot clear as day on their homepage for you to submit blog posts or suggestions to. They *DO* link to you if you’re writing what their readers are attracted to. Or if you submit a question they think is a good idea to write about. So study them. See what they like. Watch what they link to. Write posts on your blog for them, the more original and unique–the better. And submit them.

Be careful because I’ve submitted stuff to bigger bloggers that ask for it, yet aren’t particularly link friendly. They’ve taken my ‘suggestions’, altered the idea a bit, and wrote about them without the promised credit. These bloggers are easy to spot. Submit a thing or two and watch what happens and what they do with it. If they screw with you, don’t look back. Plenty more big fish in the sea that will be happy to take what you have to offer. Over and over and over again. It’s beneficial to both you–and them.

Woo these bloggers with links, with comments, and write your blog posts with them in mind. Get their attention. Pursue them. If you’re writing what they are looking for–you’re golden.

Once you have something *linkable* and they link to you–be prepared. Typically what these big blogs find interesting enough to link to–Stumbleupon follows. In wave after wave after wave. As well as del.icio.us. And the others.

Once a post is being stumbled, write another one for the stumblers. Write something that they are going to want to stumble. When they’re reading the first post that got linked to, they’ll see your newest post and start stumbling that as well. And on and on it goes my friend.

So yeah, I haven’t been around SuperAff much lately. But hot diggity, I’ve been riding waves miles high! ๐Ÿ˜‰


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

2 thoughts to “Write For The Linkers & The Stumblers”

  1. You know, I think it is so easy to get caught up in the whole you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours and the online gangs/friendships that seem to be out there that make breaking into some niches very, very hard to do.

    I totally love this article! It struck home – totally. I know how it feels… almost like getting caught up in the whole “what can you do for me” mentality… when initially one might not have felt that way when first blogging. I know I really try to be more open with linking out to sites that I think are good… or offer info that would be useful to others who read the blog. Because isn’t that what is should be about?

    Maybe I need to start being more “social” with my site… I just find it hard. I’m not sure why. Because isn’t that the point… more traffic, more eyes on your site. Yeah… I’m weird. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Nice post, Terry. One of my sites was stumbled a while back and I wish I’d been on top of things and “caught the wave”, as you put it.

    I’m working on two new blogs right now, and I’ve been doing the comment thing. I’m still not sure how “tight” the niche is. But I’ve got my eye on submitting to the bigger blogs too, and what you’ve just written really reinforces the value of this for me.

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