PSA: Linking To Another Blog Is Not Going To Kill You

A funny thing happened on my way to figuring out who to work with and who not to . . .

A month or so after dumping all the bloggers that happily gobbled up all the inbounds and comments I sent their way for a couple months…I get an email from one of the BFFs:


Hi, remember me from Blog Whatevia (not real)! I noticed you linked to So-and-So’s blog about this that and the other, I wanted to let you know I also have three blog posts here (links to all three) that discusses that very thing! I’d be so happy if you’d link to them too!

Filtered. Trash Bin.

Two things to note:

1. Even though I previously spent time adding comments on her blog and linking to her, that was the one and only time she ever sent me an email or made it known in any way, shape or form that she knew my blog existed (no comments, no links, no nothin).

2. At this time my blog was enjoying some crazy attention that I’m sure she was aware of. Yes, the attention was that crazy.

One thing she could have done for a more successful outcome:

Write a new post on her blog linking to my blog post and then including links to her three applicable posts.

She would have accomplished something pretty interesting I think:

1. She would have shown me that she’s capable of a two way blogging relationship that would be beneficial to both of us;

2. She would have probably seen her links added to my initial post as an update and shared in the attention my blog was riding. Or a new blog post just for her blog in the near future.

Don’t want to link out? Good Luck With That.

Most refuse to feed a Bucket Blogger (or a network of Bucket Bloggers) forever.

I’ll be MIA on SuperAff again for awhile now, thinks are tick-ticking along full steam ahead elsewhere in a few different areas and that’s where my focus has to be. Maybe I’ll bump into you “out there” on an upcoming round of “Link Outreach” for my next blog’s traffic building push ;).


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5 thoughts to “PSA: Linking To Another Blog Is Not Going To Kill You”

  1. “PSA: Linking To Another Blog Is Not Going To Kill You”

    Amen. My girlfriend calls people who don’t link to me “stupid”. She doesn’t understand the link politics, and really, I have a difficult time even explaining them.

  2. Mark I think every niche has its mafia element, those that kinda ‘control’ the volume and control who’s heard and who isn’t. The answer (IMO) isn’t to keep feeding the mafia hoping that they’ll let you in. Or to follow every word they speak and every move they make. I think the answer to is cut them all off, ignore them, and pursue those that are ‘outside’ the box.

    That may mean moving out of what you think is the typical market for your blog. There are a whole lot of people out there with blogs that aren’t fitting tightly into your niche, but are interested. And bring interested readers with them.

    When you do get your readership built, REMEMBER. It’s not about holding onto resentment or being bitter–but remember who’s an ass and who isn’t. No use giving the asses more eyeballs to toy with ;).

    Another thing: Don’t take it personal. It’s just the way the game is played.

    I think it’s going to get EVEN HARDER

  3. “That may mean moving out of what you think is the typical market for your blog.”

    Beautiful advice, I reckon if you get a large enough audience the non traditional way you end up controlling some of the volume and the old people want in your circle.

    Now where is the non traditional market 😉

    “Another thing: Don’t take it personal. It’s just the way the game is played.”

    Also good advice.

  4. You know, I hand out links like crazy. Partly because when I read blogs, I enjoy being able to trace the original source of the idea or see other POV’s on it. Partly because it’s common courtesy.

    I don’t get the link politics AT ALL. I find that I just naturally develop relationships with bloggers who respond to my comments and/or links to them. I find that if they link back to me, I’m naturally more predisposed to keep linking to them from time to time. But you know, if and when someone gets hostile because I’ve linked to both them and their arch nemesis, or suggests that because I used to link to them I should continue to do so, or whatever, I’ll respond like you did. “Buh-bye!”

  5. Another reason to link to other blogs is to support a cause, or just plain to help another blogger get more traffic to his/her site (maybe you felt they had a great post and could use a boost).

    For example, a former colleague of mine has Type 1 diabetes and is trying to raise $50K for the American Diabetes Association. I have a site on RLS and discovered a 27% correlation between people with diabetes and restless legs… so it was a great fit to post a link to his blog from my blog, encouraging my readers to donate (and I made a donation of my own as well).

    But I’m really careful not to spam other blogs. If I’m really interested in their blog then I’ll be sure to build a relationship before posting links, and even then I’ll only post a link if there truly is a “link” that’s worth making.

    And in many cases, just putting your website in the Comment field is enough. If people like your comment, then they’ll click your name to view your site.

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