Capturing The Attention Of The Masses

You don’t have to be Puff Daddy or Britney Spears or Paris Hilton to get massive amounts of consumer attention, check out this commercial. I laughed til I cried. But I’m tellin ya, I love this dude–and the net’s spreading the word like it’s on fire. This commercial has hit more eyeballs than the Superbowl ones, or will soon I’m sure!

Growing up I’ll never forget this corny tv commercial we’d always see on cable (pulled from the states) for a car sales lot down south (I’m in Canada). North Dakota I think was the location. Anyhow. The CHEESIEST commercials you ever did see. The car lot owner was wearing tights and superman costumes and fake fly through the air with his cape flowing and all that jazz.

Years later as an adult I came across mentions of him in an article (or maybe a book) on sales and marketing. That cheesy car salesman made serious coin and a big wack of car sales due to those commercials ;).

BTW, the dude above and his ‘mini-mall’ hit the Ellen DeGeneres show a few months ago.

Thanks to BoingBoing for the scoop, they’ve got their own mad skillz goin on over there!


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