I Feel Like Such A Big Fat Fool

  • Spending how many years trying to manipulate and rustle up inbounds
  • Wasting so much time trying to get sites to rank, both thin and not so thin
  • Spending hours and hours scouring SEO forums and blogs trying to uncover that ‘clue’, that ‘secret’

Well here’s the big secret people: If you don’t have any good, aged, developed & well trafficked domains in your pocket to work with, or friends with same…you have to develop something that people want, that they respond to, and have one good link come in. If your site has the goods, the rest takes care of itself.

For many of the pros, they do have the first part of the answer to work with. For the rest of us, it’s that ‘one good link’ thing that trips most of us up isn’t it. The trick to figure out and learn is how to attract the right attention for that ‘one good link’.

But ultimately, that one link can only carry your site so far. Your blog/website really will have to have legs to it for growth and momentum to stick. Enough value of some kind to enough people, or you will be perpetually working at pushing traffic to it, rather than traffic developing and pushing itself.

So far for me, this has evolved into this naturally up to Feb 5th inclusive:

Stats Feb 5th 2007 incl

Feb 1st – 5th inclu (2007)

search stats feb 5th inclusive

I realize those numbers look like a majority of one-hit visitors, but I can assure you a good number are sticking.

Inbounds are developing without my hand behind it. I swear this is a disciplined test for myself, to see if a new ‘un-networked blogger’ could tap into something naturally. No bookmarking/social site tag teaming going on, no favors called in, no paid ads, no blog traffic exchanges, no souls sold, no golden idol bellies rubbed.

The traffic is being pushed to me, rather than me pushing traffic from behind. For me this is brand new. I’ve never seen anything like it for a domain that’s months old.

The social activity is blowing my freakin mind, yet it’s not just from one site or any one thing. It’s not been dugg, the traffic is spread all over. And Goog is just a blip on the radar atm.

A good read on my mind:

The Links That Can’t Be Baited

I’m still working on building some kind of ‘blog relationships’ with other bloggers, and I’m not very successful so far (with who I’ve targeted and am reaching out to). I find that curious, but I’ll provide more details when I have some better idea why and why not.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

3 thoughts to “I Feel Like Such A Big Fat Fool”

  1. Why did you write that you feel like such a big fool if you’ve got traffic now? Are you saying you aren’t 100% sure why you have that much traffic, or that you feel like a fool for not having more traffic sooner? Your blog is about making money as an affiliate, right? I just started a blog yesterday that I’m calling Scam Hunter Blog. I’m trying to learn about real experiences that people have had trying the various online money-making schemes and dreams. When I get a blogroll set up, I’ll add yours in. I’m still just finding my way around the blogging world.

    So is your overall plan of attack
    1) build a site
    2) get traffic at the site
    3) make money by selling as an affiliate from that website


  2. Hi Scam Hunter, I was just saying I felt like a fool for spending so much time focusing on developing web properties that didn’t best serve me. Those traffic numbers aren’t for this blog, but a different one. Thanks for your comment, good luck with your new blog :).

  3. How do you know which web properties will best serve you if you don’t explore your options? I would think trial and error can be a very useful learning experience. It’s hard to know which inbound traffic develops that you had absolutely no influence in attracting. If you comment on other sites, people from anywhere could stumble on your comment and be drawn to investigate your site. Word-of-mouth also spreads like wildfire. Cross-fertilisation also occurs based on people’s desire to cross reference topics on different search engines. Whatever the case, I’m pleased that your traffic is increasing. You will no doubt benefit there.

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