In 2007 Domain Authority Is Almost Everything

I stole the title from Peter Da Vanzo’s post The Google Minus 30 Penalty

But if I had to summarise all the SEO data I’ve seen, and the discussions I’ve had with people over the past year, it is this:

In 2007, domain authority is almost everything. Great content on untrusted domains goes nowhere.

Peter’s post touches on a few v-e-r-y interesting points and you should read it, but I want to show you what a link from an authority site does for a new domain (click picture for larger view):

Keywords Chart

The chart shows new keyword data from the 20th of December to today (script was newly installed on the 20th).

The domain this chart applies to was around 2 months old when I started tracking the data with this script (which is phpTrafficA btw).


November: 157 unique visitors; 4 pages search engines
December: 3245 unique visitors; 1553 pages search engines
January: 2467 unique visitors; 2269 pages search engines *Note that the month isn’t over yet

*Remember the AWSTATS search engine pages aren’t unique visitors–it’s page views

Here’s the chart from phpTrafficA (click for larger view):

Search Engine Plot

This chart counts the actual keyword counts from the search engines–notice who’s off the rails and who isn’t.

What kicked this shiny new domain into gear? A very good authority link from a somewhat high profile blogger.

This domain is one of the new test blogs I’ve been talking about. Can a new blog get some traffic, some inbound links from other bloggers (no friends or connections), some search engine traffic?

Answer: Yes

Hey it’s mucho awesome when out of the blue some big blog notices your little scrappy blog and freely links to it. And it is fantastic fun to watch how the search engines respond.

But it’s pretty alarming to see how easy it is for “Great content on untrusted domains to go nowhere” and how much power authority domains hold.

How to get a natural link from a big blogger with an authority domain? The good news is that there are still a handful of good guys out there, with big traffic and good Google juice that aren’t bucket blogging.

I’ll talk about bucket bloggers another time, what to look for, who to pursue, and who to drop like the useless, self-obsessed dead weight they are. At least as far as your blog is concerned ;).

In the meantime–get your blogs up to snuff if you want good, strong inbounds. Cause no one’s going to link to crap, especially power bloggers.

That’s a post for another day too ;).


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3 thoughts to “In 2007 Domain Authority Is Almost Everything”

  1. Hi – interesting post. What would you say are the most useful metrics for measuring a domain’s authority?

  2. For me the first test is bloglines subs–triple digits (minimum) is a good indicator. You can’t count on inbounds because of blogrolls–Technorati ranking is worthless.

  3. This is no different than old school SEO and landing that reciprocal link from a high powered listing. Blogging for optimization although popular for the number of inbound links needs to be relevent and worthwhile contentwise.

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