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Taking my hat out of the affiliate marketing blog arena is probably a silly thing to do. Especially since I believe affiliate marketing is going to grow by leaps and bounds this year and continue to keep on growing after that. IMO, affiliate marketing blogs are going to grow in hotness!

I haven’t had the heart for aff stuff for quite awhile now, I think that’s been evident. It has issues, it has problems, it’s not perfect. But that’s not why I’m dissatisfied. Nothing’s perfect, everything has its growing pains. I simply think it’s a good move to distance this blog from “Affiliate Marketing” and myself as “Affiliate Marketer”.

I have been genuine. I do have a real interest in discussion here. Time does eventually reveal all. There’s been no ulterior motive. I’m not building a web2.0-style list to build or launch an online business. Or trying to establish myself, reputation or persona. Or get job offers. Or be a gatekeeper. There’s nothing wrong with those that have accomplished that or reaching for that–it just wasn’t the purpose here. Wasn’t thinking too clearly was I :lol:.

Changes for

What you can expect:

Not a whole lot different. Just a stripped and toned down SuperAff of the past.

  • Continue to share resources that I find out there: scripts, tools, software, plugins, hacks, tweaks. Mostly free stuff as usual.
  • Links to information/resources/conversations pertaining to: blogging, marketing, monetization methods (including aff marketing), traffic generation, web development

What you will likely see less of:

Original information and conversation. Think along the lines of: human aggregator for sharing tools & online entrepreneur brain food found on the web, as they pertain to building an online presence. I’m not saying that’s all SuperAff will be–a human aggregated collection bucket with no opinion to offer or attempts at original or new conversation–just a lot less of it.

This is probably going to make the single biggest difference for me since I tried to offer something different here rather than follow the same conversations and linking paths everyone else was–and that eats time.

Blog Direction:

For the most part, the blogging here will try to serve or help with these points:

  • It’s all about adding value to the net
  • Creating a positive user experience
  • Connecting & generating a response with the social web
  • Building subscribers, community & WOMM
  • Fine tuning strategy & creating a streamlined, productive experience as a webmaster and/or blogger

…In a creatively fulfilling and financially rewarding way.

Posting frequency:

Probably once a week, maybe more–maybe less. However often the mood strikes me, no pressure. Upfront: I’m not going to carve out chunks of time to develop content. Like you, my time will be directed toward projects that are:

  • Monetized
  • Generating a response & flourishing (traffic, potential, opportunity)
  • Serving a purpose–offers something to my overall ‘map’

Reasons for the change:

Several good reasons actually. Produced from experiences with the SuperAff blog as well as other projects and what they’re providing. Although I’m surprised at SuperAff considering I jumped in with zippo connections, it’s been two years now & I’m stumped to find one reason why not to make the change.

I’m looking forward to it, I’ve thought long and hard about this. I think SuperAff will fade into a quieter response, which is perfectly ok, but overall–it’s not a big drama and most won’t notice much difference.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

4 thoughts to “SuperAff Changes – No Longer Affiliate Marketing Blog”

  1. I’m not sure I understand, agree with, or approve of the direction you’re going.

    You say that your blogging will be “all about adding value to the net” but that your blog will contain a lot less of an “opinion to offer or attempts at original or new conversation.”

    I’m not sure how gathering a collection of information I can easily find elsewhere adds much value.

    Of course, I know that gaining my approval isn’t what you are after. Nevertheless, I wish you all the success.

    P.S. I’m maintaining the feed to your blog out of curiosity about the direction you’re going.

  2. I understand your concerns, Terry. You know best what’s best for you. I also wish you success in whichever direction you choose to go and will continue to support your efforts in bringing value to the web, most notably by freely giving of your time and expertise.

    Best Wishes!

  3. With the recent changes last year to Google Adwords, and the turn of the web to more user generated content and web 2.0, affiliate marketing has become more difficult.

    There are still many ways to promote products within the paradigm shift that is happening.

    I’ll still be interested to see how your new blog format turns out.

    Good luck on your new projects.


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