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*Edit* – October 1st, 2007

I’ve checked these three coupon codes and they’re still working:

gdm0910p 15%
BTPS7 20% (min $50 order)
ZINE3 $2 off per domain


I just renewed some domains and after trying a handful of coupon codes I accumulated, this one still worked:


*Not sure how long it’s good for, but probably the 31st of December

$7.20 per domain (new and renewal), includes the .25 ICANN fee.

I picked up a bunch of renewals at Namecheap as well, still much cheaper dealing with them if you use private whois at all. GoDaddy seems to like to gouge on private whois renewals (compare $7.88 for a 5 domain pack of private whois with Namecheap vs. $8.99 for each private whois renewal at GoDaddy–yeeeoooowch!).


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

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  1. Terry,

    The only way the Godaddy initial privatized discount works in your favor is if you register the domain for 2+ years — in some cases, for domains we KNOW that we’ll be using for a long period of time, getting a domain for 5+ years is an easy decision.

    Otherwise, you’re right, there are far better options.

  2. I have MORE good codes for you to use too.. These were mentioned on a podcast.. All still work, as I used them all last night for various purchases and renewals for friends..

    CODE: ZINE1 – Save 10% on ANY purchase
    CODE: ZINE2 – Save $5 off any purchase of $30 or more
    CODE: ZINE3 – $6.95 .com Domain Registration (NO LIMIT)

    Use them in good health!


  3. The code for the 6.95 domain worked for me too – every little bit helps and it’s always nice to get a good deal.

    Thanks – I appreciate it. πŸ™‚


  4. Just caught another code on the GoDaddy superbowl video, OFFICE2 for 10% off. Not sure if it’s for new registrations, renewals or if there’s a min order.

  5. The ‘CJC695DOM’ coupon worked for me on a .com domain name renewal (one year), it dropped the price from $9.20USD to $7.20USD (as you mentioned in your post).

    Marcus’s contributed ‘ZINE3’ coupon also does the same saving, so thank you both! πŸ™‚

    [Both coupons used successfully on 20th Feb. 2007 GMT.]

  6. GoDaddy give free privacy with 3 or more domain registrations – so if you buy for multiple years you can save tons. Also, you have to be careful with some of the other registrars so called private registrations – some will change ownership to them instead of you, some will still show your name or company name and so on. The privacy is so worth it at GoDaddy

  7. As of today the following code worked for my 1 year domain renewal: cjc695dom

    Thanks for the coupon code!

  8. The code (cjc695dom) is still working as of March 09, 2007 for a deduction of US$ 2 when renewing a DN

  9. I tried cjc695dom now to renew 2 .com domains for 1 year and it works fine … but it didn’t work for renewing .org πŸ™

  10. I’ll repost the codes again, as they ALL still work great. I saved a bundle on them myself and they just don’t want to die!

    CODE: ZINE1 – Save 10% on ANY purchase
    CODE: ZINE2 – Save $5 off any purchase of $30 or more
    CODE: ZINE3 – $6.95 .com Domain Registration (NO LIMIT)

    Enjoy them often!


  11. cjc695dom worked fine for me today for domain renewals. Thanks everyone for keeping the Godaddy codes updated! πŸ™‚

  12. cjc695dom not working on .ws renewal 3/27/07 (don’t know if it actually ever did apply).

  13. However, this code did work (it’s 20% off!)!


    Valid until the end of March I believe.

    The following one is valid until April 8th but not as much (I think 15%)



  14. Here’s one that came in the godaddy newsletter:

    These savings end May 7, 2007, at midnight (Pacific Time) so order online at or call 1-480-505-8821 today! Simply enter source code gdm0421 in your shopping cart, or mention the code when you call.

    20% off

  15. gdm0706a gives you $5 .net domains when you buy 2 or more

    RON gives a discount on .com

  16. Just used the ZINE3 godaddy code for $6.95 domain. Coupon Code worked great! Thanks for the tip! -MM

  17. I just checked and these three are still working:

    gdm0910p 15%
    BTPS7 20% (min $50 order)
    ZINE3 $2 off per domain

  18. I tried the codes this is what I got ..

    Save 15% on your order. -$4.05
    Your subtotal after discounts (USD):

    $4.05 is not 15% of bill ???

  19. ZINE3 worked GREAT for me! Another tip for everyone that I discovered is that if you purchase 5 domains using godaddy code ZINE3 you get Free Private Registration for all the domains! What a nice bonus!

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