The Magic of Creativity

Perseverance and determination are two key attributes to have when you plan on building yourself a place online. Faith comes in handy too ;). But I also think it’s important to sit quietly and listen to your gut and pay attention to what it’s saying. If you’re sluggish and uninspired, there’s a reason.

We are bombarded relentlessly with silly gimmicks, promises of ‘top secret secrets revealed’ and fortune-ista hype-type chain yanking from pro marketing personalities. It can distract us and direct us to paths that leave us unfulfilled–in more ways than one. Financially as well as creatively.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m starving creatively, I just don’t produce. At least not at the level I’m capable of. I flounder, I’m uninspired and each step forward is like trying to walk in a tar pit. But when I’m “on”, it’s AWWWWWWWWWN.

I’ve recently started a few test blogs I mentioned here once or twice before, and one of them I’ve grown really attached to. It’s touching a place that has always drawn an interest in me. I’m inspired, I’m consumed, I’m dedicated to it. And I haven’t felt that way about an online project in a very long time (most of this year, if not all of it).

When your creativity gets tickled, magic happens. I’m popping out ideas all over the place, not only for that particular blog–but for some of my current web properties as well as ideas for new projects. Not only ideas–but the motivation and the drive to actually produce and act on those ideas.

Ideas are like…well you know…everyone has them. But they’re only going to produce if they’re implemented and acted on. And you need motivation to do that.

This time of year is ideal to revisit and look back at what we’ve done this past year, where we’re going, and how we’re getting there. If your trudging through your own mile wide tar pit, ask yourself why. You may find you’re not on the right path for *you*.

Enjoy your week :).

Quick note: Right now it’s CRAZY busy for all of us, so I expect posts here on SuperAff to be few and far between until after the new year. Stay tuned …


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