Launching A Blog Network With Coconuts

I get really pumped and excited for people that are actually doing something to move themselves forward. It’s especially neat to watch regular guys and gals like ourselves reach high for themselves.

We all have dreams and goals and ambitions. It’s nice to see stuff play out for others, especially when they’re generous enough to share their experience.

Catching up on some blog reading and I see Erik Vossman has launched his own blog network. He’s doing it with a fun promotion: Link To A Coconut Contest.

Winning is easy. Blogtown Press currently has 12 blogs that are participating in the Link to a Coconut Contest. All of these blogs are active and have anywhere from 20 posts to a few hundred posts. All you have to do is link to a post on anyone of those blogs and if you link to the correct post you win a coconut. We currently have 3 coconuts to give away so that means we will randomly choose 3 posts within the network that will be the “winner” posts.

We’re getting more and more immune every day to stunts and link baiting, but I think the coconut twist is a great, fresh idea.

Kudos to Erik and I hope his blog network grows to massive proportions.


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3 thoughts to “Launching A Blog Network With Coconuts”

  1. Thanks for the generous words! It’s been fun and slowly gaining a bit of interest around the blogosphere. I’m hoping for more entrants this week than the previous two combined.

    Still only one winner!

    Nice blog by the way. I’ve added it to my flock rss and I’ll be checking back to see what you gots to say.

    Aloha and Thanks again,

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