Outsourcing Article Writing & Content Creation

It sounds easy: outsource as much as you can so you can focus on work that builds business and revenue. The problem is–finding someone that does quality work, gets it done fast and that you can afford.

So far I’ve had 30 articles written by Tammy using her outsourcing service at WitandWile.com Article Writing. The writing style is natural and not SEO’d which is what I prefer. I find it time consuming trying to adjust articles that are heavily keyword rich to something more useable. However, give Tammy a set of keywords and phrases you’d like included–she’ll get them in. I’ve known Tammy online for a few years now and am confident in her abilities. Give her a shout if you’d like to get some articles whipped up.

Also–I’d like to put up a bookmark page of people available for outsourcing services. If you’re a template designer, script writer, article/content writer, link builder/checker, available as an all around Virtual Assistant, whatever, let me know by using the contact form. Here’s what I want from you:

A web page that outlines the work that you do and a method of contact. No free hosted domains. Send me a little blurb about the type of service you offer (including a link to your sales/service page). This bookmark page is going to be a little different than the others in that it won’t be straight links, they’ll have service descriptions included as well.

If you have your service page on a scraped content, porn, undesirable content (determined by me) or blackhat site–I won’t put your info up because I won’t link to stuff like that. Undesirables include things like article directories, web directories, MFA sites…etc.

I’ll probably put the page up sometime next week, so get your info to me as soon as you can.


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  1. I have had others create articles for our new content management system software cmslogic.com and have had some good results. We sometimes recruit people from off shore, however you need to be careful when doing this. We built several sites and then needed help with articles and one person copied an article from a top search and posted it for review. I simply copied a paragraph and pasted it into Google and there it was. The exact article, needless to say they were quite embarrassed, but being a little bit of a detective pays off.

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