Get Paid To Search – The New Breed


Sorry ’bout the non-clickable. allows users to make money by promoting their own Custom-Search-Engine (CSE) on Google.

Now it’s called Get Paid To Search, but it’s not an incentivized environment :roll:. See, although everyone earns more if everyone clicks on ads, you’re really not supposed to:

You will NOT be paid for clicking ads. Therefore, you should only click on ads that truly interest you.

If I understand this all correctly, it works on a referral setup. People build their own custom search engines through Google, then have people join with their referral link. That way every second search on your referral’s custom search engine is replaced with your custom search engine. And then the referrals your referrals pick up show every 4th result as yours.

Google’s now being pimped out MLM style!

ETA: Cleaned post up a bit–wasn’t clear that I was sarcastic about ‘not an incentivized environment’.


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