Productivity Tip: Using A Clipboard Extender

We have a lot of “working data” to keep under control. Things like referral or affiliate links, ad codes, code snippets, notes and ideas for blog posts or web pages. Or forum threads and blog posts to follow (bookmark folders get packed fast!).

I wanted easy access to this data with something that was able to work within the applications I was using (Text editor, browsers, excel, email, etc.). Here’s the solution I found that works kick butt for me: ClipMate Clipboard Extender.

What’s it do? Keep it running on the taskbar from startup and everything you copy to your clipboard is stored automatically in ClipMate. Everything. You can keep it all stored in the inbox (think of it as the default collection bucket), or create special collection folders to organize various clips. I’m only beginning to realize the value I can pull from this, but here are a few ideas:

Affiliate Link Collection: Store all your various affiliate links in here. Not the datafeed or mashup stuff, but individual aff links that you find you use regularly in blog posts. Remember the eBay RSS to WordPress hack? Instead of creating a quicktag for WP, you can simply store the ebay rss code in ClipMate under your aff link collection. Couple quick clicks and the code is posted easy-peasy.

Power Blogging: Do you regularly copy quotes, notes and ideas from forums, other blogs, etc., for blog post ideas? Copy all the snippets you like and store them in a Blogging Collection, the url you copied from is included as well so you don’t lose track of where you found the info (simply click the chain link at the bottom of the explorer window when viewing the clip). Also store work-in-progress blog posts in here–everything’s ready and waiting until you need it.

Any forum threads you want to note for future reading? Once you’re inside the thread, copy the thread title. It will be saved along with that url. When you’re ready to read it, you’ll find it easily (since you copied the title) and you can launch it directly from within ClipMate. Nice! If you’d like to get really crazy–setup a Collection for blog/forum threads to read and keep track of them that way (instead of mixed in with everything in your inbox).

Did you come across a really good tip or tutorial? Just copy the tip or the title and leave it in your inbox until you can implement it for yourself or spend more time working through it (the tip url is saved as well to revisit when you have time). You can save thousands of clips–it’s crazy!

You can also drag and drop, edit, merge, search, filter clips. Really there’s nothing you can’t do with these guys, it’s quite a powerhorse. Saving screencaps and images? No prob! Something I haven’t worked with yet:

XML Import/Export (7.1) – Allows you to share clips with other users, or synchronize multiple databases. If you move from one computer to another, you can export the new/changed clips, and then import into the other database to “sync up”. You can even send XML files to other users to share your favorite clips.


Tips for ClipMate:

For the Collections I’ve setup, I want to keep these forever. Not purged after 200 or 1,000 stored clips (check the default), but always have them on hand. Simply change the properties for that collection to store clips forever.

Also for the Collections: When you’ve gone into a collection to grab something, if you don’t go back to the inbox before you start copying other things–the clips are saved in the collection you were in. I don’t like that–I’d rather have the inbox store everything and then I organize the keepers from there. This is fixed quickly again by going into the Properties and unchecking “Accept New Clips (Capture from Clipboard)”.

This software is not a one trick pony. Work through the tutorial provided to get a good feel for all the things it can do for you. There is a learning curve, but once you get the ‘idea’ of it–you’ll be rocking.

ClipMate does have a 30 day free trial and then the cost is $34.95. Give it a shot, see if it’s a good productivity tool for yourself. If it’s a bit too much for you (features or price), there is this old friend of mine:

Yankee Clipper. There is a free version as well as a full featured version for $15.00. Try Yankee for awhile to see if it better suits your needs. It’s not as feature rich as ClipMate, or as well supported (tutorials and forum support) but certainly gets the job done ;).

Both softwares guarantee that they contain no adware or spyware.

*No affiliate or referral links used in this post. Enjoy :).


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