On The Prowl For A Forum For Women

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • A forum for women who are savvy online and involved with various online projects
  • Isn’t focused on ‘moms’ or ‘kids’ or ‘huggles’ or ‘cutsey’ and dollz characters for avatars or big glitter sigs
  • Isn’t too hardcore with main features being interviews of CEOs, Fortune 500 companies and all that jazz

Basically I’m looking for a place that’s geared towards women doing different things online.

I’m a mom, have a hubby, and I hug people (no really I do!), but I’m not interested in bringing that online or surrounding myself with grown women that sweety baby talk or where the focus is on being a mom, working at home as a mom, or juggling business as a mom. Anything with “WAHM” in the domain or folder area is automatically out.

Not looking for a place filled with posters that need a lot of hand holding and “how do I upload a picture online” or “what’s an ftp client” stuff. Savvy online women.

I’m looking for drama-free. No fights online, and no folders devoted to crying about hubby, kids, jobs, money, PMS, whatever. Also forum folders for shoe shopping and makeup tips is *NOT* what I’m looking for.

Isn’t focused on real world business people. I just find that too boring and dry–hence the “no CEO/Fortune 500 interview features” type thing.

Main focus: Quietly discuss online activities and brainstorm with women that know what they’re doing. Preferably not involved with the internet marketing scene (building lists/namesqueeze pages/clickbank promotions) or the ever popular–Adsense mania.

Is there such a place? You can post a link here in the comments or zap me a note privately.

ETA: I removed ‘blog’ from the equation. I realize that it’s just a forum I’m looking for. Also added “WAHM” as a signal for “no”.

So forums only please ;).


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

12 thoughts to “On The Prowl For A Forum For Women”

  1. If you find a forum like that – could you PLEASE let me know! I often thought I was a bit odd for not being eveloped into that whole mom/blogger/drama/drama scene. I’m a mom too – and it would be nice to have a chat with other like minded women who discuss online projects, etc.

    That would be really cool.

    … If you can’t find one, maybe you should build a site πŸ˜‰ I’d most definitely join.

  2. Empress for me it’s not that I don’t find value in the ‘mom’ boards, I just don’t seem to connect well with that scene. I personally find the mom stuff distracting, or an excuse to be distracted. But they obviously fill a need and purpose because they’re really popular with a lot of women, and I think help them too–just not me :lol:. I think you’re the same way. Gah we can’t be the only two women on the planet that need/want something different :lol:.

    Thanks for the link Stephanie, I did check that out eons ago and I can’t quite remember what it was about it that wasn’t a good fit for me. I think it was too ‘network-y’ that turned me off, but I could be wrong.

  3. We may need to start our own.

    Yeah, like I need anymore commitments. πŸ˜€ But it could be worth it. Yeah, I’d be willing to help.

  4. Hmm.. .sounds like an idea. I’m not quite at the level you are, but I am always learning. I’m getting clearer on things but I just don’t know where the time would come from to be active in yet another place online!

  5. If you find a forum like that, I’m in, too. Or if you decide to start a forum like that, I’ll line up to register πŸ™‚

    Blogher (http://blogher.org/forum) is kind of like that, only the focus is on blogging, and specifically on the Blogher conferences.

    It would be great if there was a forum exactly like you’ve just described.

  6. ditto – I avoid the ‘wahm’ scene too. I’d rather hang out with the boy geeks than the mommies, if I have to choose and those are my only choices.
    So, please let us know what you find, or what you start (hint) it sounds like there are a few of us who will follow you πŸ™‚

  7. Just blow in my ear, Terry….I’ll follow you anywhere!


    I totally agree. A forum like that would be fab! Imagine the information that could be shared, and teaching each other and encouraging and the empowerment???

    Wow, yeah. Count me in.

  8. Just an update–haven’t come across a good fit yet. Seems to be an interest here, I’ll keep ya posted ;).

  9. Not sure if our forum is an exact fit to what you’re seeking, but I can promise we’re all about doing business with little hand holding. We have more advanced features with our forums than I could ever share here, so I encourage you to PM me under the user “RS Tom.” At a minimum, please do consider us as a forum you check in on from time to time.

    I have taken the liberty of syndicating your RSS in our Affiliate Blogs forums as well. Please let me know if this is not okay.

    Affiliate Marketing & SEO Forums

  10. Thanks Tom, I’m looking for something that’s more outside the webmaster/marketer circles. Fussy Girl I know :roll:. BUT I did add your forum to the Bookmarked Forums page. Looks like a great forum for affs and webmasters to check out!

    Did you change the theme or something? I remember it differently (and thought it was added to the forum page already). I may be thinking of a different forum.

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