Product Attributes vs. Product Benefits – Work Sheet

People don’t buy products – they buy expection of benefits. Don’t confuse product attributes with benefits.*

Products: Anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need.

Attributes: Reside in the product; Tend to be concrete, but they can also be abstract; Also referred to as product features; Characteristics by which products are identified and differentiated. Product attributes usually comprise features, functions, benefits, and uses.

Benefits: Reside in the customer; Are always abstract; Often the result of a cluster of product attributes; What the customer receives from products or services; A product attribute expressed in terms of what the user gets from the product rather than its physical characteristics or features; A benefit is what that feature means; Four principal levels: features, advantages, benefits and motives.

Action Steps:

  • List all attributes/features of product.
  • For each attribute, write the benefit(s). Keep in mind each attribute can offer several benefits.

Benefit Triggers:

  • Customer will gain THIS BENEFIT because of THIS ATTRIBUTE.
  • Why would a customer want this feature?
  • “What this feature means to you is …” (speaking to customer)

.doc Worksheet
(or) .pdf Worksheet

*Source: How To Advertise – Kenneth Roman and Jane Maas

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