Why Customers Buy – Cheat Sheet

Customer Focus (WIIFM – What’s In It For Me):

  • A Solution (product solves a problem)
  • Features/Benefits (improves on/adds to current solution)
  • Performance
  • Comfort/Security
  • Image
  • Quality
  • Price (some lowest, some best value)
  • Relationship (just buy from certain businesses/business associates)
  • Service/Warranty (Return policies, warranties, turnaround time)
  • Selection
  • Location
  • Tradition (habit)
  • Innovation (new innovative products)
  • Emotion (makes them feel good, impress others, show love/appreciation)
  • Convenience

Recognize Why Customers Don’t Buy:

  • Fear of Loss
  • Lack of Trust
  • Lack of Comfort
  • Lack of Quality
  • Not a Viable Solution
  • Lack of Need
  • Contrary to Customer’s Image
  • Not Important
  • Has a Defect
  • Bad Past Experiences
  • Prefers Another Product

Relationships Customers Look For:

  • The Coach/Expert
  • Friendly/Caring
  • Have Same Goals as Customer (customers like to believe your goal is to help them–not take their money)
  • Relationship Marketing (establish a sense of being related)

Customer Motivations:

  • Goal Oriented Motivation (saves time)
  • Image Oriented Motivation (biggest, best, exclusive, expensive)
  • Useage Oriented Motivation (product is best for very specific use)
  • Entertainment Oriented Motivation (adventure, entertaining)

Customer Hot Buttons:

  • Tell the Truth (stats, charts, visual demos, specific claims–thicker, spicier sauce)
  • Get Real (customers buy on quick impressions–tell the truth & get real)
  • Drama (unbelievable offers–any part free if not available, dramatic products)

Action Steps:

  • Find a point to specialize on – find a reason for people to buy that no one else is providing
  • Look at your competitors – list the reasons people buy from each
  • Look at reasons that no one is addressing – see whether they would apply for your business
  • Evaluate relationships, motivations & hot buttons used

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Heavily Based On: Marketing Magic, Don Debelak


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  1. Thanks. This is a nice way to summarize everything necessary for customer buying processes (Although I am quite confident that there’s more than this).


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