Affiliate Marketing Blogs Are Hot

Affiliate Marketing blogs seem to be hot lately. Scott Jangro is looking for your affiliate marketing blog to add to his Google Reader: Have You Got an Affiliate Marketing Blog? and is building a search engine with them! See the list of current blogs here: Affoogle Listed Sites. And I have to mention my little list I put together last month too: Affiliate Marketing Blogs List.

Scott’s going to have a kickin’ list, mine needs more work, but Affoogle is what has my interest peaked. It’s an Affiliate Classroom project and I like the info those guys provide. I never applied to Affoogle (at least I don’t remember doing so) but somehow SuperAff was accepted on the list (love that!) and Number 2–It looks *really really interesting*. I think it’s going to be a killer resource. It’s using Google Co-op, that’s a hot idea itself.

Get your feed readers fired up folks, looks like a tonne more great blogs to subscribe to ;).


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