KISS, Buzz Marketing & Product Sales

I’m in love with the idea of earning money online from product creation. Mass reseller products? Commission product sales? Sure I like that cash too, but I’m more obsessed with:

Create a product
Churn the buzz
Watch what happens

The thing is, it’s tricky. Roadblocks to watch out for:

  • You *have to* own the mind share immediately or your concept could be hijacked by those with a wider reach than you.
  • If your marketing plan counts on being ‘dugg’, you can’t be passive with social bookmarking sites–you have to have a ‘spam network’ in place. Watch some of the bloggers who have frequent big diggs–you’ll see what I mean. This is where networking with the right people really pays off (yet another thing I suck at :P).
  • The other trick is to keep the KISS concept in mind. Right now I’m sitting with: Buy this, and then do this, you’ll get this, this and this in return. Too complicated. If you can’t explain the concept in one sentence, re-look at your ‘big idea’. Think: Million Dollar Homepage concept: buy a pixel link for $x.
  • Links are imperative to churn the buzz. Inspiring people to link to you is hard enough, but because an actual product sale is involved–crikey! So your buzz factor has to be strong as hell to keep people talking, linking and pushing things forward.

    Weird Al hit the top 10 recently: (‘Weird Al’ Yankovic finally hits the top 10). Note the MySpace and Youtube references.

A few things I’m fascinated with atm:

Keeping the buddy spam system out of the equation, what is it that makes people excited? Gets them talking? Motivates them to link? Inspires blog post after blog post? Propels the chatter?

Once you’ve reached a certain level of buzz, it’s easier to convince the masses to perpetuate the buzz–think of buzz marketing like herding sheep. Get a few key numbers moving and the rest can’t wait to be a part of it too – to follow and to be seen as someone included or part of it all.

It’s similar to trying to get new forums rolling and blog commentors: fill the place with ghost nics or paid posters participating and people fall for it–that forum or blog is a thriving hub to be a part of. And so they start participating. Or internet marketers and their lists, everyone pumping up the current guru and his product. Get enough chatter happening and people want in. Think: Group Think.

Things to note:

I’m looking outside the webmaster/net marketer arena. No lists to exploit, no JV partners, no affiliations in that channel to pimp me to the heavens.

The product isn’t anything sexy and has no Wow factor. If it’s going to work with buzz marketing, it has to be tied to something that makes it viral.

So why does my product have to be launched/promoted with buzz marketing? Why can’t I just run with ppc? Any monkey can throw enough money at ppc to find the money, I’m more drawn to figuring out the natural flow of mass hysteria. Figure out how to turn that on, and keep it ticking, you’re golden ;).

As usual: I seem to like to do things the hard way :lol:. Currently I’m very distracted with all this. I’m at the point of wrapping my office walls in whiteboards so I can visually obsess.

Any tips? Insights to share?


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