False Online Storefronts?

I have a few web directories that are getting stinkier and stinkier to work with over time. Ninety percent of the submissions are the usual MFA, Amazon knock-off, auto-gen mass reprint article content, and every type of splog imaginable. And so on. But the site quality for submissions is getting WORSE as time goes on.

Where it used to be the odd few that had hidden codes and links, it’s happening more often and on more legit looking storefront/ecommerce type sites.

I’m now seeing hidden forex code on outdoor sporting good stores, blatant outgoing porn links on diamond jewelry store sidebar links, hidden – tiny 1 pixel links going to who knows where, and I’ll never forget that poker/blackjack link front and center of the computer supply store I stumbled across trying to shop for office software. Never mind the resource/links pages on many of these sites. OMG what are they thinking!

I realize there’s some hacking going on and hidden links are being placed on websites without the owners knowing about it, so maaaaaaaaybe some of the hidden stuff can be discounted. But what about the front and center stuff? The sidebar links going to porn heaven (buy an engagement ring then skip off to watch Ms. Tushy)? The poker parties above the fold, dead center? The photographer’s site with links to Mesothelioma lawyers? The crafts stores with links to hoodia, scoodia and all that jazz?

I have to wonder. Are these storefronts even legit? Are they even open for business? Or are they mock stores, all about feeding search engines what they want for seo reasons?

Gah what a mess it is out there, and it seems to be getting worse in so many ways.

Going back digging for more hidden jewels of the net–Wrapping myself in the usual adsense & popup repellent on my way in. Sigh.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

One thought to “False Online Storefronts?”

  1. I know that feeling of sinking deeper and deeper into the splog pool. I understand why some do it. I hate the fact that they do it. I hate it even more when I go to search for something and those sites are in the top positions – seem legit until you visit the site and it’s crap… reprints, porn, gambling – especially when you’re looking for something completely different.


    I can’t imagine the frustration you must have when you are cleaning up your directories. It must be quite the hassle.

    I wonder if this whole thing is only going to get worse?

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