Setting Up A Group Blog In WordPress

On the spur of the moment, a group of friends and I have decided to whip up a blog that we’ll all be authors for. WordPress is such a dream to work with!

Here are some tips:

You’ll want a private area to review and store content before it’s published. In this case we have a few very new bloggers involved and they need a practice area as well. Solution?

*Thanks for the tip Affiliate Marketing Journal

You can also do a few neat tricks with each individual author’s information:

  • If you’d like to have a page that displays posts from each author, use this tag: <?php the_author_posts_link(); ?>
  • To display the post count for each author, use this tag: <?php the_author_posts(); ?>
  • To display the author’s website or blog, use this tag: <?php the_author_url(); ?>
  • To link to the rss feed for each author, use this url: (Simply change ‘admin’ to each author name)

WordPress has a Roles feature that you can assign each user with certain capabilities. In the group blog we’re working on all current authors will have full moderating capabilities as Editors, but in the future we may be looking to add Authors who simply have the ability to publish posts, not moderate or muck around in the main guts of your blog.

I really expected this to be trickier to setup, but it’s a snap!

The hardest part setting up a group blog is working around everyone’s daily priorities and time zones. Account for extra time to get stuff sorted out in the beginning because not everyone can work on your schedule ;).


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