What Are Your Motivators?

Staying motivated is a big piece of the puzzle to keep things going for yourself online. At one time money was my trigger. Seeing a nice juicy commish pop into my affiliate account got the juices flowing but good.

I still enjoy watching the money tally rise day after day, but I’ve sorta outgrown that. Now I get a kick out of organic traffic. Not only is it my motivator, it’s also this fascinating puzzle for me.

  • Why did that linkbait idea work, but not the other?
  • Why did readers respond to this post so well yet not that one?
  • Word of mouth is keeping that website going–what’s so special about it? Why are visitors so inspired to spread the word about it?

I have one little blog that’s nothing special really. Had no links in, no traffic, no search results. Content was dry and uninspired (hey the topic sounded like a good fit for me at the time!). I had a brain flash late one night and tried a linkbait-y type blog post. Spent a few hours getting the word out and the next thing you know bloggers are linking in, some comments are happening and most of all–traffic kicked in.

People are bookmarking, search engine traffic now exists, and I’m riding a rush. One simple blog post and Boom!–the blog is alive!

Search engine results are sweet, but I’m more ‘into’ how visitors are responding to my content, what’s inspiring links, and successful methods of getting traffic kick started.

How to make things grow organically is one sweet ticket to success IMO. I love the process of figuring all that out.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

3 thoughts to “What Are Your Motivators?”

  1. Organic traffic is fun. It’s amazing after hitting the del.icio.us popular list where your links can pop up, like a dozen blogs where you don’t know what language they are even in to translate what they are saying about you πŸ˜‰

    I haven’t played with organic stuff since digg became popular so I think that would be a fun goal (to make the front page).

    Note: I found my greatest asset in the viral/organic traffic was my rss readers. A large percentage had blogs, so if they really liked something they passed it on.

    Right now starting a local web business motivates me the most (catering to the little people). Second will be seo/money (probably because I’ve never made much online, and I’m starting to look at seo as a game to play).

  2. Sorry Peter, nope! πŸ˜‰ Besides it’s nothing anyone would ‘get’ unless they were involved in the channel. It would be like: uh, what’s the big deal about that? πŸ˜†

    Mark I don’t have a delicious/digg crowd on any of my sites or blogs, none of the social bookmarking sites in fact. I’m sure the ride is awesome, but I find that’s more for the webmaster/techie crowd. SuperAff is the only one I have that fits that set of eyeballs. Monetize.ca did share his wealth with SuperAff when he hit digg, which was amazing to me. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that around these here parts :lol:.

    What I’m really liking is the blogosphere outside the webmaster/aff marketer arena. It seems to be less competitive and more interest in sharing. Some stinkers mixed up in it too I’m sure, just less stupid pet tricks.

    The word of mouth I’m experiencing is more traditional–forums, some blogs, a few websites linking out to useful resources. That kind of thing.

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