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I finally had a chance to clean up the bookmark pages here on SuperAff. Lots more forums and tools added, plus a new page: Affiliate Marketing Blogs List.

Some of the blogs are from lesser known bloggers, but every one of them has something to offer IMO. I hope you find the list useful–it’s nice to follow what other people are doing online and remember that there are regular people just like you and I trying to hammer out their own thing.

I think sometimes we forget that bloggers are real people with goals. They’re striving to share their online experience as well as reach out to their readers and provide some sort of useful information and resources. I hope the link to each of the blogs gives a little boost of encouragement, I know links and hat tips to SuperAff always mean a lot to me.

There are a few well known and industry respected blogs on the list too, I don’t think they’ll even notice my little link to them. But I think they’re a worthwhile read too :).

On the Bookmark Tools page I added some links to domain parking sites, stock photos (most free), more CSS links and other web dev stuff.

On the main Bookmarks page, I cleaned up the dead links and added a few new forums.

I haven’t looked at Article Submissions page yet, so there may be a few dead links in there.

Lots of goodies and watch the pages because there are more to come! Have a great weekend :).


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

5 thoughts to “Affiliate & Webmaster Forums, Tools, Freebies & Blogs”

  1. Great lists Terry. Thanks so much for linking to the 5 Star Affiliate Forums and Blog.

    Another brand new blog you can add is Affiliate Marketing BUZZ. It’s a one-stop source for reading most of the affiliate blogs you have listed and other affiliate news all in one place. You could call it the Techmeme for affiliate marketing. Still in beta. Lots of info there and lots more will be added soon.

    PS tried to syndicate your blog but could not add it. Got a weird error.

  2. You’re welcome guys!

    Digger I was trying to make the page three columns so it was uniform with the other bookmark pages. Pretty long titles for some of them and things were wrapping 3-4 lines. It didn’t work out so well :lol:. I’ll pretty the page up better when I have a chance. Thanks for pointing it out ;).

  3. Am trying to incorporate my Affiliatewindow statistics into Google Analytics. Neither Google (whose website says it can be done), nor Affilatewindow Tech Team are able to help.
    Google say the basic script is:

    but what do we enter on this script as “affilation” ??



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