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I’ve been looking at my blog comment spam counts lately and although Spam Karma is doing a fantastic job catching 99.9% of them, I’m still having to go in daily and remove 200 – 300 comments caught in my spam traps. Sometimes more.

I’d like to go a layer deeper now and try to stop blog comment spams before they can actually make a comment. Less work for me that way :).

Some tips:

Looking through my Spam Karma data, I can see several IP numbers that are creating huge amounts of comment spam. I’m going to block them from access to SuperAff:

Combating Comment Spam/Denying Access

Below is an example of the .htaccess that is present in the root directory of a website.

order allow,deny
deny from
deny from 456.456.456.*
deny from 789.789.*.*
allow from all

deny from
Access is denied to that IP alone

deny from 456.456.456.*
Access is denied to ALL users whose IPs start with 456.456.456

deny from 789.789.*.*
Again, anyone at all with an IP that starts 789.789 is blocked.

So a total of 256*256 unique IP addresses are blocked

If you do start blocking IPs, then a blocked visitor will see a 403 error page. Try to make sure that such a page has your contact details listed. Check your hosting to see how to make a custom 403 (or see below too).

If you start blocking IPs with the * wildcard, at least give someone the chance to email you to say you may have made a mistake.

By picking through my traffic logs, I can see some comment spammers access the wp-comments-post.php directly. Let’s give them the boot too:

Deny Access to No Referrer Requests

When your readers comment, the wp-comments-post.php file is accessed, does its thing, and creates the post. The user’s browser will send a “referral” line about this.

When a spam-bot comes in, it hits the file directly and usually does not leave a referrer. This allows for some nifty detection and action direct from the server. If you are not familiar with Apache directives, then write the following in your root directory .htaccess file::

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .wp-comments-post\.php*
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !.** [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^$
RewriteRule (.*) ^http://%{REMOTE_ADDR}/$ [R=301,L]

I can also see that some old blog posts get hit by spam bots more than most. Some receive hundreds of comment spams a week. I decided to edit the blog posts being hit so that it no longer receives comments. I also slipped a note at the bottom of the blog post that comments were turned off due to comment spam.

I could go the captcha route as well, but I don’t like captcha and I don’t think it’s very effective anyway.

I realize spamming blogs is all fun and games for some webmasters. It would be nice though if they just left our web properties alone and played with their own spaces.


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4 thoughts to “Blog Comment Spam Ninja Tools”

  1. Just some random ideas:

    Maybe take the copy “wordpress” out of your code. Bots troll for wordpress blogs.

    Maybe change “Leave a comment” to “Give your opinion” or something, bots troll serps for “Leave a comment”.

    Use a comment form with a mandatory “preview first” button, this is not the usual behaviour of a bot and most will leave after the first “submit”.

  2. Ohhhh great suggestions, thank you Mark! Not sure how to implement the preview thingy though. How do I do that? 😆

  3. Shoemoney had another great idea today “The default for wordpress is wp-comments-post.php by simply renaming this file to say… wpc.php then changing your theme to reflect the different location for the comment file you will ward off a TON of spammers. This will kill 100% of the automated spam bots.”

    As for the preview thing, I thought you might program it yourself if you had free time 😉

    (but who has free time?)

    So doing a search of google will lead you to a handful of already made solutions.

    I’d probably try shoemoney’s first suggestion first though.

    Also, here’s a secret, on the blogs I programmed myself (and use a forced preview), I’ve never gotten an automated spam comment yet (and only one or two manual idiot submissions).

    I’m not sure if it’s because of the “forced preview” which was a tip from a friend or because I’m not using a spam magnet “wordpress”.

    Good luck.

  4. Thanks again Mark, I’ll dig around and see what I find (program it myself :shock:).

    I did try once-upon-a-time to remove all wp- and wordpress stuff from the core files and found it to be a disaster with one of the recent upgrades. Gave up on messing around with core files, but it’s definitely an option for those.

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