BusinessWeek: Click Fraud – The Dark Side Of Advertising

Wow, this is exciting! Businessweek has a great article out on click fraud: Click Fraud – The Dark Side Of Advertising

Quote from Business Week:

That confidence may be slipping. A BusinessWeek investigation has revealed a thriving click-fraud underground populated by swarms of small-time players, making detection difficult. “Paid to read” rings with hundreds or thousands of members each, all of them pressing PC mice over and over in living rooms and dens around the world.

Why exciting? Hey who says mainstream media isn’t paying attention to the blogosphere: Found: Click Fraud Paid Clickers – Chat With Them If You’d Like

Former Click Fraudsters Interview:

“It’s not that much different from someone coming up and taking money out of your wallet,” says David Struck. He and his wife, Renee, both 35, say they dabbled in click fraud last year, making more than $5,000 in four months. Employing a common scheme, the McGregor (Minn.) couple set up dummy Web sites filled with nothing but recycled Google and Yahoo advertisements. Then they paid others small amounts to visit the sites, where it was understood they would click away on the ads, says David Struck. It was “way too easy,” he adds. Gradually, he says, he and his wife began to realize they were cheating unwitting advertisers, so they stopped. “Whatever Google and Yahoo are doing [to stop fraud], it’s not having much of an effect,” he says.

BusinessWeek Click Fraud Cover Story A big thanks to Peter Da Vanzo who picked up my post: Disturbing Click Fraud Underground: “Let It happen”?. I have a feeling no one would have touched the story otherwise ;).

The forum that started it all is gettin a little excited: FINALLY GPTR Has Finally Hit on BusinessWeek on Media, Good News a Free publicity for gptr world

ETA: I forgot to mention this will be the cover story for BusinessWeek issues that hit the newstands this weekend. I know I’m picking up a copy! 😆


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  1. I didn’t know this was such a widely spread mather…I know that people have been doing this, but why hasn’t google picked it up sooner? Anyone know the answer to this?


    By the way: Grat page you have here. I think I’m going to find some good feeds here for my sit 🙂

    Best regards,
    Victor Roestad

  2. No one who knows what they’re doing will advertise on the content network. Advertise on the search network only. Problem solved. Adsense publishers will continue to see a decline in their earnings. Greedy click con artists mentioned in the article are just part of the problem. Google’s shabby quality requirements for adsense publishers are the real problem. Today any junk will float Google’s boat.

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