Bookmarks & Freebies

Haven’t done this for awhile! I’m really behind on my blog reading (months) and bookmark cleaning-up and catching-up, but here are a few goodies for now. Hope you’ll find something useful:

AdLogger is an Open Source AdSense tracker

Slimstat – Traffic Stats
*Take back control of your stats and keep them private from snoopy eyes (offsite 3rd party stats tracking)

The Free iPod Book 2.0

Create Flowcharts & Diagrams Online

What the Buzz?
*It’s a tool to make marketing easier: type in a keyword (like your brand name) and it searches Google Trends, Technorati (multiple searches) and delicious for all occurances of the keyword. End result? A very good snapshot about what people are saying about your keyword. To see it in action, the world cup search is good:

How to Capture & Save Screenshots of Webpages
+ Link to free app

I’ve recently found some great ways to use Excel in manipulating large amounts of text with keywords and key phrases and I thought I’d share the wealth. SEO Speedwagan Wasted Time

Become A Grinder
*Great post about building long term, work hard and focus on building quality

Enjoy 🙂


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